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Ukraine reclassifies Poker as a Sport, exempts Game from Anti-Gambling Laws

It looks like poker in Ukraine could potentially be able to flourish once again right after the country's Ministry of Youth and Sport decided to re-classify the game as a sport, thus exempting it from the country's anti-gambling laws.   Earlier this month, the Ministry of Youth and Sport published document 3780. Written in Ukrainian language, the translation says that "II.119 sport poke[...]   Read more » Ukraine reclassifies Poker as a Sport, exempts Game from Anti-Gambling Laws

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You dont have to search the internet or encyclopedias for hours, to understand
how simple things are.

Here it is :
The greek word for Sport, is Athlema, the ones that are doing the sport,
or Athlema, are called Athletes (greek word again).
Does it ring any bells now?
Can you call a chess player an athlete?... can you call a poker player an athlete?...
Of course not, cause simply they are not !!!

Posted by Serpang:
Posted by Mober:
It is not about luck, determining if it is a sport or not.
Things are too simple actually, for someone to understand what a sport is.

Here is the definition from oxford dictionaries :

An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

You are getting too physical, by playing poker, huh.. ?.

That is old dictionary , this world always change, and you still use old standard which never change.
Do you know MIND sport ? How about chess and bridge game ? Do you know bridge game ?
Try to read IMSA ( International Mind Sport Association) website Smile

sometmies old things are still the best things. i share mobers opinion. i like poker but its definatly no sport to me. some may say its "mindsport" but i dont even find you can call it mindsport..

lets be honest: its simply a "PARLOUR GAME" Big Smile

Companies make money from poker, this is true ( I refer to those with reputation ) but there are some poker rooms like Party Poker, all I Poker Network or others who do not want to pay the license fee. Then they are locked in some countries like Romania and play poker to make money if you can with this restriction. Ukraine has a good law now.

Well this is a good news for this country, it isn´t it? In my country actually the justice (only one judge for now) are begining to banned the poker´s room and only 888poker be safe for now. As I can see in your experience, this matter have no end. I thought that it could be some lapsed thing but I have to prepare for a long while... Sad

Posted by Mober:
You want to make another category? Fine. But do not start characterizing everything
as a sport, because it is convenient and it fits your agenda !

It always better to character poker as sport, than treat it like gambling and ban it, like here in Poland... I would like to play poker as a sport, than don't play because it's illegal.

They can say it is legal as a gmae without characterizing it a sport.
It is all about politics at the end as usual, which is bull as usual.
And let me give you an example, with what has happened here.
Something that i have said in the past also.
They changed the law about online gambling, with main reason of that protecting
the citizens from the gamble.
Then they started selling licenses, asking tax also on profit.
And the cherry on the pie was, that they have opened physical shops,
all over the place. Physical shops that are full with slots.
You see how much they care?

Calling it a sport is not a solution.

This problem has not passed and i would like one single thing: Party Poker and Netbet to be accepted in my country. With these 2 rooms and the other 3 that are at this moment get to the figure of 5 rooms. In this way the players would be much more satisfied and Argentina you will have to proceed like Ukraine, or with only 5 poker rooms but the best in the industry.

Yes, I want it! the disussion about if poker game is or not a sport is a fake matter. The real thing is how could be admited a game in a country and how there could avoid to treat it as an ilegal activity. Because are many ilegal activities in the world that have to be persecuted and repressed ( I haven´t to make a list, isn´t it?) for to make a card game another one of them, and all of us criminals Angry Then Athenas could keep the athletas...

Today i talked with a BRM user Mysik86 from Poland. The situation there is more dramatic because they can not play online or live poker. In this country poker is totally restricted in this moment. Were people who played poker in a charitable situation and they were arrested. Very dramatic...

   0 bad. How about human right ? Is government like that really know poker tournament ? or they THINK they know Sad Sad and they know what is the best for their citizen Aww crap! Aww crap! How about pro player?

Governments once again prove they are not able to properly judge certain issues. I like Poland because it has very good laws in other areas but here should be a little more tolerable. There are many Polish who would like to play poker and their request must be considered.

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Ukraine reclassifies Poker as a Sport, exempts Game from Anti-Gambling Laws

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