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That's right boys and girls your boy TheIrish77 back at it and huge stack early on with over 105 BB Stack too my name and lots of time to make a bigger stack!

Been running well but also making some pretty awesome reads on my opponent's and being good most times. Just too bad not a bounty MTT cause would have 4 or 5 Ko's already.

Top 344 Paid out and over 1260$ up top for the win! Obviously that's my only objection at this point with the chips i have.

be back next break for another round of updates.

Wish me luck guys could be another big day!

Now 6th of 187 left guys !

Edited by TheIrish77 (04 September 2018 @ 22:33 GMT)

Gooodluck taker down

Played some horrible hands and lost half my stack. still over 28 BB so no pushing going on in my head yet.

out in 112th. ouch really couldn't hold it together spew station over here just couldn't keep things solid after 5 hours. too long as always. hate these drawn out tourneys and might stick with Hypers on STars from here on out.

Edited by TheIrish77 (04 September 2018 @ 23:14 GMT)

What a pity ....But what should we do ? poker just like that...single mistake could be fatal...should be fold many time after make mistake, but our emotion usually push us to make move Sad . Wish you luck and play well next.

when we see your positon earlier in tournament and how many chips you had,ofcourse its bad that you didnt make it more!it was very good payout at final table with low buy in!but for sure you will make more good results in next days!

Yes i sometimes too think very long tournaments very hard to play and get good results, to ke it is sometimes very boring, i want to play many hands and not wait for hours to play one or two hands so i too more play turbo tournaments

Congratulations to TheIrish77 for finishing the $3.30 buy-in $7,500 guaranteed tournament in 112th place and earning $12. You would have gone even deeper in the tournament and could have made the final table. Better luck next time.

Not a surprise you couldnt hold it together after five hours of play.
I cant surpass two hours of continues play, without finishing the game in a flash at some point.
I get bored and tired easy when i play poker for that long.
And it is not good practice for a tournament Smile
You on the other hand have proved you have what it takes for it.
Better luck on your next games.

I think you're hitting the nail on the head. You should probably focus on bounty and hyper / turbo games. It seems to me that that's where you've had the most success. But you could probably earn a decent profit in the other games as well.

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