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Small win but i'll take at this point : )   0   
Hi boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and looking to make a name on the PS network now and will be playing a bunch of S&Gs and Smaller Hypers and Turbos form now on. Probably play $2.50 180's and $3.50 18s and 45s.

Just took a small 18 man 3.50 with some solid play and eventually got 3 handed and took over from there. some good Starting hands played a factor no doubt but out played the final 5 quite easily for the win. $22.77 for the Victory and a nice little boost to the BR in a short time.

Here's the Key hand 3 handed...

GF coming home now so later on expect more cashes and updates to come.

Hope all is well with the BRM Familia and i want to here some cool stories form others and there poker adventures today...

Attached Imageswinner winner chicken dinner 350 18 man.PNG

One more good finish for you, with a good profit for your buy in.
Although it has only 18 entries, it is not that easy taking it down.
But for sure you have what it takes to win plenty of them Smile
Congratulations once more.

Yet another good result! You're just taking them down one after another so you're doing something right! Just keep up the good work and try to get in on the action at the Party Poker Power Fest tournaments and you'll have some really good chances to earn a lot of money! Maybe I'll see you at those tables? Blink

JJ vs 88
Limping with pocket Jacks from the small blind. Your trap worked like a charm. If you had raised preflop the player 1 probably would have shoved his pocket Eights, and the result would have been the same, I guess.

Congratulations on winning the tournament!

Congratulation !!! Good you have planning since back to play at PS again, but why didn't you make plan play at your another specialist ? KO tourney Smile Wish you get better succeed at PS and play at Sunday million Big Smile Big Smile

Yes another good results, you win many tournaments, of course some small players, some more numeber players but to me it is very hard to win any tournament, even one table 10 people sit and go, so i that no you arw very good poker player

BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » Small win but i'll take at this point : )

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