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Hi there,i have again a good run with my freebets on the nations league.
Here a few pics.
And in moment the run continue, on one site i left 1,7€ after cashout and i turn this again to 17,70€
On the other site i left around 4€ and got today over 10€
On my third site i made today bets for the next weekend i got again a 20€ freebet for only 10€ betting on Dortmund vs Frankfurt with a_minumun Quote from 1,5 so i take over 2,5 goals for the 1,5 Quote.
Equal whats happend i get the 20€ freebet for this Big Smile

Attached Images1.png 2.png 3.jpg 4.jpg

Good to see thst player form bankrollmib forum is winning some money and have good situation in betting competition. I like to place some bets on football too and better when i watch match then some bigger adrenaline and very good emotions to watch game

You are getting good results with the leftovers.
I "bet" you can hit the cash out button again Smile
If you continue making picks like that you are gonna make a good profit,
if you think that the new season is still in the beginning.
Good luck on your next bets.

Why put these up after the fact, though?

Posted by bowie1984:
Why put these up after the fact, though?

LOL then you can ask to why anyone post here winnimgs from slots or Poker tournaments.
And i have a real life to,i can not sit 24/7 on internt and post all directly after the game ends Blink

Do not worry about it.
Just make sure to win something with the free bets you have got so far,
and then can post again Smile
Always nice see people winning, no matter what game it is, poker betting etc.
Gives hope to the rest of us Smile

It’s good for a betting punter that the nations league is here as it provides a more realistic chance of determining g the outcome of the game and therefore gives punters a better chance of winning. This is because in international friendlies, any result could follow with numerous substitutions and no one really caring about the result.

@Mober i_have no Problem with the post from Bowie,all is_ok when i want post anythink i will do it,but thanks for the support,and thanks all for the congrats.I like it to when i see post from other members when they have winnings in any game.

@damosk i 100% agree, i dont bet on friendly games ,you are right is to many risk in friendly games.

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