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Earlier this week an open thread on TwoPlusTwo began addressing the subject of data erasure on Hendon Mob, the most reliable and largest poker results website on the planet. This movement was produced as a result of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) recently approved by the European Union. In addition, it was known that players can change the name of their account by putting a nick.

A representative of The Hendon Mob (THM) came to the thread to clarify a bit more these changes, but also to defend the company from those who have suggested that they were applying "an abusive data collection".

"By publishing the results and prizes of the most important tournaments, The Hendon Mob is no more guilty of 'collecting more data' than the APT or the PGA," RolandTHM wrote. "The information published in THM has been delivered by the Casinos and Tours, which have their own Terms and Conditions, which players accept when they register for the tournament."

Roland added: "Yes, the GPDR has caused some changes in the way we operate, but we will continue to work hard to serve the community, to improve the product we offer poker fans, players, and media, and we will continue to increase our traffic year after year. We would like to thank all those who have supported Hendon Mob by visiting the web, following us on social networks, and interacting with us through our websites or initiatives. "

The rules of the famous GDPR, which allows citizens to correct or delete their data online, were launched on May 25. If the company in question does not meet the approved requirements, it can be fined up to 20 million euros, or 4% of the global annual income.

The Hendon Mob, which was acquired by the Global Poker Index (GPI) in July 2013, collects information from the casinos and the biggest tours and poker tournaments. To date, the website has profiles of some 560,000 players, information on 368,732 events, and more than 2.5 million results. The website was created in 2000 by British pros Joe Beevers, Ram Vaswani, and brothers Ross and Barney Boatman.
Reaction of the players

The thread of TwoPlusTwo was not long in filling with reactions of players to the news. Many of them consider that the development of the events is something ridiculous, since they are public results, but not all have the same opinion.

"When you register for a tournament in a casino you should expect your name to appear on the chip counts, post on the blogs, and possibly on photos and live broadcasts," GrimeRat420 wrote. "I think we should try to look for gaps around this. it is an irrational use of privacy in a context in which it does not make sense to expect this. "

P.D I know that I put a reference of a website I hope not to infringe any regulation

Hi, I just do not understand why this Law, what benefit I can get with restricting access to this website, I think it's a law without meaning, greetings I just wanted to share this news

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Yea, we have seen about it a few days ago also.
Some people do not want their results getting published here and there.
And at some point when you have info for some players, it can help your game a lot,
either it is tournament or rings.

So far all these GDPR headache brought me nothing but more hassle on almost every website. I have to okay everything now even in private browsing mode where they could not even track me with cookie. It's beyond ridiculous and I don't see what part of my online life just became better with it.

of course it's unpleasant if someone can see how I play .... see the style of my game .... and eventually make up my mind and my stakes ..... I had a feeling when I lost 500 dollars to a group of Hungarian players .... I won everything ..... but at that moment in the sit-and-go played only Hungarian players so there was no choice

one things is to see only results from tournaments and other things is to see your profit or loss,every poker hand or similar things!its should be up to you to decide will you give this kind of information!
probably only site that you cant have correct results is unibet,because you can change alias every day,its not like on other poker sites where you have only one user name!

The best thing for all players would have been, to be able and keep stats by yourself only.
I understand it is convenient, but it also ruing the whole game for many players,
especially the ones trying to make a start in the game of poker.

I personally think it is good situation to all people, because now you can thino what you want, to make your data available to all or to make decide and ask to delete all your data. To some people i think ot is not good to have this data public, because they can be politics or they can not pay taxes or some other situation

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