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Posted by erru9107:
I've got 21 followers at the momoent, only need another 29 Big Smile

Congrats, you are getting there. Just start a specialized blog here by opening a thread and put out the info about your potential streaming times every time on the upcoming week so more people could join you if they feel like it. Or just use this one for it. Big Smile
Keep up the good work! Thumbs Up

Well i mixed the threads after all and posted here a post about the weed in canada Smile
Oh well, my bad. It happens Smile

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I''m currently streaming an MTT that looks really promising if ayone's interested in watching!

Well, that was a disapointing end to the stream... Only a small cash of $3.15 meaning a profit of $2.05 only. The profit for the day was even worse, only $0.57. But it's still profit and I feel like I was in a good spot so another FT wasn't far off. Hoping to get a good cash next weekend when I'll be playing the monster series!

Edited by erru9107 (28 October 2018 @ 01:09 GMT)

You can say of course it was a small cash compared to the buy in of the tu\ournment,
but it still was a profit. Plus you must have won something for your buy in like points.
If you manage to get at least even with your buy ins, you are doing good, just staying close
to the big payout Smile

Yeah, you're right. It was profit so at least I didn't lose any money and I was in a good position for most of the tournament. This just shows that the potential big scores aren't that far away for me. Just hoping that I can get back to the MTT skill I used to have a few years ago, that would go a long way towards earning decent money. I think that it's possible for me to start playing MTTs on a regular basis again, and that's where I've had most of my success really. Even if I am profitable at other formats, MTTs are where I'm able to make the biggest winnings so if I get back to at least 75-80% of my previous skill level, that's enough to make more money in the long run playing MTTs then any other format.

Right now, I feel I'm at 50, maybe 55% of my previous level.

Yesterday I saw your Stream where you play MTT .... it was interesting to watch your game .... Of course I didn’t always agree with your actions .... But basically you played about the same as I would play in your case .... in the end, of course, you're out of luck ... but you are guilty .... when you made unjustified bets and eventually lost half of your bankroll

Well, I did that decision based on what I knew about my opponent. I don't remember the hand exactly but I know I wasn't wrong to call pre-flop since I had the stronger hand. It just wasn't in the cards for me.

Also, I made a lot of moves that was, let's just say not perfect. But I had a reason to make them. For one, I made a few calls even tho I knew I would lose since I wanted to get a feel for the range my opponent was using. Secondly, I made some kinda bad plays and stuck with them so when we showed our cards, I wouldn't always have premium hands. This strategy would make it more difficult for my opponents to get a read on me. Used correctly, this strategy is extremely effective when I actually have premium hands and I can get more value out of those hands.
The trick is to make the "bad" moves on small or low-medium sized pots and get high value pots on the actual good hands.

I must admit, I'm not an expert on this but I do think I'm at least decent, it seems to be working pretty well for me. Keep this in mind next time you're watching, I'm sure you'll find that there's a reason for almost everything I do. Some moves tho are just based on my gut feeling.

The answer is of course. You have a long unwrapped but .... what I saw .... you have an ace and a jack ..... on the table is the king's jack, some trifle ... You raise the rate high enough .... yours Opponent responds to this bet ... the next card again is some trifle .... again you make a big bet and your opponent responds again ..... the last card is also small .... And you go allin .... your opponent answers and wins with two kings .... It seems to me that there is a clear mistake here ..... You tried to bluff your opponent, but he had an older couple ..... And you were already in prizes

I don't think we're talking about the same hand really. In any case, that one hand you're talking about wasn't a bad play. When you look at it as an isolated hand then yes, it was a horrible play. But when you put it into context and account for the fact that I had reads on him from before and I had a decent understanding of his game, the play becomes way less bad. And if I go more into detail about the reads I've had on him, where he's always betting or reraising when he hit's top pair on the board and normally only calls with weaker hands, the play suddenly becomes a good one.

Apparently he changed his style of play, most likely to last longera and get a few more cents, and I was unlucky to run into him on that exact hand. But had I won that hand, I would have been in an extremely good position for a Final Table. The position I was in could possibly have earned me about $2 more then what I got, but that calculated risk based on previous knowledge of this opponent would most likely had landed me a final table and at least $7 more then what I got.

To be perfectly honest with you, that play was a really good one!

read your answer .... you exhaustively enough explained why you made your bets .... Of course, if you play with one player for a long time, some patterns appear .... and starting from these patterns You play with him accordingly .... if it is so then of course you did everything correctly .... Therefore, the player was just lucky that he got the right card

I was planning om a big and long stream tonight but now I have to go to the hospital and get examined instead. The lenght of the stream depends on how long the visit takes.

I believe the priority is the medical exams first and then playing poker.
Health tops everything and then the rest follow.
Wish you to have good results on your exams.
It is friday today, so i think you could stream tomorrow also if you can make it today Smile

Time for a stream boys and girls! I've decided to stick to MTTs from now on and due to my financial situation, tonight is the last night I'll be playing $1+ games. I'll keep only $22 on my account so I have 100 BI for the $0.22 games and I'll go from there. This means I will be able to cashout $12.68 plus any winnings tonight. Let's all hope for at least one final table!

I'm in a decent position in both games I think. Not optimal, but decent. I also got a $0.55 bounty so that's added to my upcoming withdrawal. It ain't that much money but given my situation, every little bit helps! Hoping to reach at least one Final Table in the Monster Series!

I think it's safe to say that the Monster Series wasn't meant to be for me. Anytime I got within reach of some cashes, something really bad just happened and I was gone.

Well, I'll make the cashout tomorrow and then I have $22 left on my account. That's the amount I will use to grind my bankroll up to a, hopefully, decent amount until the end of November 2019. Depending on how big that amount is, I might leave a big ger bankroll for the next year. But that's a year into the future so who knows what could happen before then!

Edited by erru9107 (04 November 2018 @ 01:00 GMT)

Unfortunately, your streams are taking place at the time when it is already night in Russia .... sometimes it happens that I am not sleeping and then I can watch your streams .... but during the week I have to get up for work at 7:00 am ... . and therefore at 3:00 am I can not watch your stream .... very sorry

Erru, did you upload your streaming at youtube ? if yes, please let me know how can I watch it ? since my good time for poker is different with you. I tried search erru, but didn't find your game.

Hi. Unfortunately, I'm having some issues to record my game. As soon as I start to record, my laptop freezes up. Kinda strange that streaming work but not recording. I guess I need a more powerful laptop but that won't happen for a long time!

You could just find me on Twitch, please follow, and then watch my latest broadcast.

Edited by erru9107 (04 November 2018 @ 11:23 GMT)

Some recording programs are too heavy for many computers, according to the hardware.
Try using the oCam screen recorder .
It is an easy to use and very light one. It has different settings, so you can choose a
lower quality recording, which stresses the computer less.
You dont have to record in HD in the first place Smile

Good idea, I'll look into it when I get the chance Smile

I have tried "oCam" before. It's a pretty good free software; however, there is a catch. See below.

User Review
"Installs cryptominer malware"
FEBRUARY 01, 2018 / VERSION: OCAM 428.0

"Installs malware as part of its 'updates'. In the update installer, it gives you the option of deselecting a box which says "BRTSvc", but doesn't give you any information about what it is. At the very bottom of the massive user agreement, they tell you that BRTSvc is a cryptominer that will max-out your CPU to mine monero for one of their sponsors."


Be careful not to check that box.

I am still using this one, oCam.
I have no idea about the installation of malware, which i find it hard to believe that the specific one
installs that, but i have disabled the online access to this program,
and it doesnt update.
Just install an older version of it, and deny access to the internet via firewall.
This way it disables the annoying add pop ups also Smile

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