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$ usd up top so well worth the hours of play ahead. Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and looking to get back into another final table today but for much more of a prize this time around.

Just got paid some some goof and now sit around top 5 stack and rolling along so far.

AK vs 26s and guy oays me off after i check top pair flop and he jams. he also called a lot of chips off pre-flop so i guess he was choosing this hand to play with me. lucky me.

Over 349$ usd up top for this one so well worth the time commitment needed.

Wish me luck guys it's the time of the Irish!

ITM now and sitting 3rd overall after a rush of cards the last few hands.

Could it be another big day for your boy ? Let's freaking hope so lol.

3 of 110 now

12 of 61 at the current break. also a tem Party Pro in this run so good challenge to outlast or play against.

Edited by TheIrish77 (24 October 2018 @ 21:01 GMT)

Attached Imagesgot a big one going.PNG donk gives stack for nothing.PNG big hand late A2 vs JJ and get paid off with nut flush.PNG

Some info missing here Smile Last edit of yours was when you were in the money.
Lets hope you did finish high enough, for another good payout.
Not a bad prize for the first position, paying almost 350 USD.
We will have to wait to see if you won it or not Smile

AKs vs 62s
- LOL. Your opponent must have been frustrated or simply bored. I would tag that opponent (62s).
A2o vs JJ
- That's a lucky flop. A club flush. Very pretty.

Congratulations on finishing in the money. Good luck with your next session.

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