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Ready for a Supernatural Live Blackjack Halloween?

Join the Live Blackjack tables from Evolution Gaming for a supernatural and rewarding adventure. From 00:01 (UTC) on 29/10/2018 until 23:59 on 31/10/2018 (UTC) you get otherworldly rewards on your lucky blackjack hands at Energy Casino. Here's how the Live Blackjack Halloween works: - Open any of the Live Blackjack tables from Evolution Gaming from the 29th to the 31st of October; - Pl[...]   Read more » Ready for a Supernatural Live Blackjack Halloween?

Ready for a Supernatural Live Blackjack Halloween?  0   
I imagine how much energy this Casino gives you, when you lose money Smile but for distraction it's very nice to try. Players will not be scared and i think they will be more amused. Destroying ghosts is not scary and there will be many amateurs who will try to play this game. Smile

I do love these promotions at this time of year and this is sure to be well supported. Halloween is becoming bigger and bigger every year and it does seem to last for a week instead of one night

By reading the "big" letters for this promotion, doesnt sound a good one, considering
that the minimum bet is five, plus chasing two not easy combos, for the extra wins.
The first one might be easier. Splitting the aces winning both hands, is not easy.
But you would split them in the first place either way.

Yes, getting one of the qualifying hands will not happen to often, and even if one gets the right cards, a win is still not guaranteed. but it has no influence on the games, as one would keep a hard 20 and split aces anyway (uneless one is a counter) but the win is basically only a min bet, and will not make that much of a difference at the end

I see that there are always new promotions everywhere and this is in blackjack aprobechando the halloween season ... I'm not a fan of this game but it would be nice to try your luck and see if one of those I take something haha Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I could give less and less about the 'cash treats' but I can guarantee you that the first online live casino company which will make the hostess ladies naked - will crush the whole market whatsoever cuz everybody will want to play there. Hooters for gamblers is da future.

Depends on the age (and shape) of the dealers, don't you think. Blink
But the internet should have enough porn already, so no one should need to visit those tables. Playboy casino, with an approach going in that direction, failed.

Minors are not allowed to play and the others have played many horror games in their lives or watched enough horror movies. Who can scare himself of these things with the exception of minors? I do not think we can talk about fear here. It's another thing if the slot machines were taken to the cemetery and you should play at night solo. Cool

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