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Russian Banks Now Implement Payment Ban to Offshore Gambling Operators

The bill signed by Vladimir Putin over a year ago is now baring its fangs, with state-owned Sberbank now coldly rejecting transactions to offshore gambling sites and ewallets. Russia's move to make banks and payment processing companies ban online gambling payments is now in full swing as state-owned and the biggest bank in Russia Sberbank has confirmed that it will no longer allow the processing[...]   Read more » Russian Banks Now Implement Payment Ban to Offshore Gambling Operators

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I think that everywhere happens that just as everyone knows that leaves a lot of money, in my city step that was banned the issue of games of chance (poker machines, roulettes, slots, etc.) and began to close all places and began to open clandestine places of games ... but well at that time some silver I could do hahaha Tongue Tongue Tongue

If you talk to the players in Sua i need to say that: In America there are a few states where online poker is legal.
I remember about Nevada ( where is the famous Las Vegas ) and New Jersey.
I do not know the name of the third but in 2017 a fourth state has received the consent to legalize online poker.
4 states that will multiply in future.
I would like all states of America to come back at the tables in online poker.

That measure is a plus for all the alternate methods of payments.
There are many ewallets out there, that must be pleased wit the new law.
Cryptocoins also can do the trick.
The bitcoin is stable for quite some time now at about 6500 USD.
Some predict a rapid growth by the end of the year Smile

If the law of Russia prohibits many transactions to online poker rooms, then the Russians have nothing to do, as long as their accounts in the poker rooms, are carefully checked and transactions are blocked even from outside of the country.
Only russian players can request an evaluation and unlocking the rights to play poker. Smile

Well the bitcoin was stable, It had a sudden from for 1k USD, who knows why Smile
A massive drop for the level it is now. Not a good thing for all the ones having coins.
The same way not good for all gambling sites using them as payment,
since many may have rushed to convert it.

I do not understand why Bankrollmob restrict these freeroll poker tournament, we have been playing this poker tournament regularly and this is one of the best way to practice poker games. In fact i have been learn so much thing by playing this tournament. I have sent several messages to party poker authority and at the end they said: it was not possible to play.

if the Epoch for online poker is over for me it will be awful ..... for me all life on the Internet for me is associated with playing poker ..... Of course for me this is a hobby ...... But this is a hobby already has become so much a part of my life that it will be impossible to abandon it ....... if Russian laws close the last loophole, you will probably have to immigrate to neighboring Belarus

Sohelbd77, you make a mistake here.
The BankrollMob freeroll games or with buy-in are for everyone.
Those who restrict these BRM games are poker rooms.
In my country were partially restricted in 2016 and total in 2017 or first months of 2018.
The reason was not said but i think these poker rooms encourage deposits.
The only solution would be BRM to speak with administrators of poker rooms and cancel these restrictions of free BRM games or BRM with buy-in. Smile

In everywhere the governments are trying to do something with the poker online. Almost always they try to banned or makes difficult to play with others countries like EEUU and Spain. But this is like cover the sun with your hands. The people will find a way to do what they want. The limits and the illegality only build an opportunity to the crime Sad

I do not agree with this. From examples all over the world and experience here in greece,
if governments want to do the extra step with poker and online gambling in general,
you cant do much about it at the end. Especially when they start forcing ISP's,
to ban sites.
The only thing you can do if you are serious about it, is to find another country to move on.
Still things are not that bad for russians.

Moving to a country, only to play poker is not an adequate solution.
A good and quick solution is for poker players to protest and to get the right to get in touch with those who blocked these games.
Then the best orators of these players, need to talk and to prove that these games deserve to enter into legality, to be played by Russian citizens.

Posted by CALICUL:
Moving to a country, only to play poker is not an adequate solution.
A good and quick solution is for poker players to protest and to get the right to get in touch with those who blocked these games.

Very hard to apply work visas anywhere on the basis that you are a poker-pro IMO. I mean I doubt the USA appreciates the fact Smile

There is another comparison between Russians and Americans.
Now depending on what their laws say.
Americans play live poker in Sua and in other countries including Europe or Asia.
About the Russians do not know too much things but i know that: Igor Kurganov plays poker and is Russian.
Maybe just because he is under contract with Pokerstars. Confused

Even if you are in the lowest bar of the poker professional player, which means,
you make your leaving out of it, when something like that happens, you just migrate.
You dont have to look for a work, in your chosen country, you just have to continue doing
what you were doing before.
And if you move for example between europe countries, you dont even have problems
with visas etc.

It's not so easy to move to a foreign country.
Not all Russian poker players professionals or not can make a profit from poker.
They will have to work, to pay the house rent after they left their family and friends.
Then they will try to make money from poker.
Is very hard because there are too many poker players.
Most of them will not leave Russia to play poker.
If it was easy, all professionals from Russia would have left his native country to play poker in other countries.

If you can make money from playing poker in one country, then you can do the same
in another country also.
The only thing that changes, and can turn this to a no viable solution, is the cost of living.
If the country you are about to move has a higher cost then it means, your expenses would,
be more thus less profit.

As a professional player you can make money with the fish, but since Russia has restrictions on poker, not all players can play with success.
A few pro players they will leave the country, but the rest who want to play, what can they do? Nothing, if does not speak to do request and the right to play live poker, as i said in another comment.

Yes, the poker`players seems like the water, ever find the way to keep moving. And if someone it encloses us in a dam, sooner or later we blow it up! In a world with e-wallet and cripto currence, some official strategy is really unable to shut this move. it would be better if they devote themselves to fighting structural corruption

You can not fight with structural corruption because you do not have guns and there are many traitors with guns.
You can fight legally and if you win, you will get the right to play live poker.
This thing must be done by the Russian players.
If they do this, they have a good chances. Smile

a few days ago I made a deposit with a kiwi wallet .... it works .... that is, so far there is a loophole so that you can deposit and withdraw money from poker sites .... I don’t know how long it will last .... I would like a little .... Because if I restrict myself completely I will be just in shock

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Russian Banks Now Implement Payment Ban to Offshore Gambling Operators

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