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Introducing GreySnow Poker - a new era of sustainable poker simplicity

GreySnow Poker is the first poker site owned and operated by a Native American Tribe. And it makes a difference. A difference in fairness, a difference in transparency. A difference in the site's culture. Everybody offers a variety of cash games, tournaments with guaranteed prize pools and freerolls. So does GreySnow Poker. But what everybody doesn't do is make the way they take rake so transp[...]   Read more » Introducing GreySnow Poker - a new era of sustainable poker simplicity

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Interesting rake system on this site. Favours players that play a lot of hands in every session, or those playing short stack strategy. The other point, that players can't choose the actual table they are playing at, is not that uncommon, tho. Other rroms have had problems with sharks targeting the weak players, too

This does look like a very good site to play on and i am sure that they will be getting lots of traffic on it. It does seem to be a very generous rake back system and i look forward to reading some reviews on here

Always a good thing seeing a new site coming up. Breaks the "monopoly" and adds more to the player's benefits.
Interesting also that is an american site.
Their personal touch is the one with the rake system.
The thing with the tables that you can not choose, as it has been said already, is not new.

This is something new in the world of online poker ( i do not think this method has been used until now of any room with real money ) and is a tax that will be highly appreciated by poker players.
That means this Native American Tribe will operate in Europe as well, but they will have to attract players quickly, or they will not resist in this competition that exists between poker rooms.

I think personally it is very good situation when you play long time in poker table cash games you play to no rake and only need to pay when you leave the table, i think you pay not so much money so this os very good situation to players

It is a new site indeed with a new system.
It may be proved a good one.
But for now it is too soon to tell if they are going to stay in business, with all that competition
There are already a few big established sites, that many players are not willing to leave and try
new ones.

Well I registre on GreySnow Poker and for now can say site is terrible, mean idea is amazing good but animations in game, system and others are terrible ( I am sure its because they are new site and they will upgrade it ), also they have a nice freerolls where you can win good prizes because only 100-200 people participate in that freeroll. GL

Wondering how many of the freshly registered users will choose names as Pocahontas, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Winnetou, Chingachgook and so on... I mean for ironic reasons of course, but it would be funny still. I mean I am not saying you should do it but you should definitely do it Smile

I play my first tournaments on GreySnow Poker ( play 50$ freeroll ), 104 players was playing and I win it Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile I win 14$ and feelsgoodman, honest I had a lot of lucky at final table, few times I win with river card and at end I win A 4 again A 9 and 5 6 against A J ( again river save me ). Now I want make minimum 20$ with cash games then want withdraw money, I will tell you guys its spam or not Smile

I look forward to reading about how this is going down and ŵhat traffic it is attracting. I will be particularly interested to see what actual and realised benefits this process brings to the variety of players out there. Good luck to them for their venture. I wonder if it wîll catch on and how long this will last.

Is this the resurrection of Duck Poker bad software and with the same owners?? Long live 888 Party and Stars. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship Worship

If i read the reports correctly it is a resurrection of a site called Interesting fact: even being from North America, the room has a license from the Isle of Man. So aiming in a large part on the european market. Understandable, as online poker is still unaccessible for players from the US.

Yes to me it is also interesting ti see if many players start to play in this poker room, because now not many and this is not best. But more players try more see this rake system is better to jave when you play cash games

Well problems about this site is deposit and withdraw, first you can only deposit and withdraw via netteler or MuchBetter ( did anyone know what is that?), alsoyou cant deposit via skrill or bank or withdraw on bank so that so stupid, I try to withdraw money what I win on freeroll but admin write me how I need first deposit via netteler then do some wager, so I am little scary, meybe this site is SPAM?

Guys did anyone registre on this site and what do you thing about software ? Also I cant fined Bankrollmob freeroll on their lobby, dont know why but I am not blined. When you go on freerolls on Bankrollmob forum you can see today had freeroll in GreySnow Poker room in 19:00 but THATS NOT TRUE !

UPDATE: I fined tournaments, well he is not free cuz cost 1.1$ but only 17 players registre for now so its good chance to win some good money. If you want registre you must download GreySnow Poker because on browser lobby you cant fine that tourney. GL for everyone who play tonight Smile

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I make account on GreySnow Poker before few days and got my 5$ free tourney money i try to deposit but i cant .When i try to deposit it tel me that i didnt fill all info ? i look and see that ask me my phone number i write it but tell me the data can be fill right now try again latter and that is the last 3 days same thing every day.
When i register i fill out all that they ask (didnt see anywhere place to fill in phone number)
Very strange....

The good thing is that you got the bonus.
The bad that you cant deposit Smile
It is a new room so someone could say that these problems are in the program.
Just contact their support and ask about that.
Since it is a new site, their support must be very attentive when it comes to customer care Smile

GreySnow Poker... That sounds otherworldly. So, is this online poker room operated by Native Americans? That's interesting.
I will need to find out what types of deposit and withdrawal methods are available at GreySnow Poker prior to opening an account with them.

As a new room they may offer good things like freerolls, deposit bonuses etc.
There are already some reviews about them.
The interesting thing of course is, that while it is a US site, it is not ope to US players.
Plus they must having restrictions for other countries also, like ours.

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