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Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson in The Match

It was Friday night beneath the lights of the 22nd hole that Phil managed to beat Tiger for the $9,000,000 prize. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are long-term rivals who gained popularity in the late 1990s to mid-2000s as the two best golfers in the world. Capital One's ‘The Match', a televised winner-take-all golf competition, needed 4 more holes from Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las V[...]   Read more » Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson in The Match

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I personally not understand total why so much money is pay for golf players, not popular sport on tv in europe, maybe popular in united states, but where is so much money from? Compare how many people see football basketball tennis

Golf isn't my thing either, but it is a sport for the upper echolons of society, where more money can be generated. And compared to other big paydays, those 9 million are not that much (Mayweather vs McGregor was 100+ million). Only normal people would have to work a few livetimes for it

I heard it was a borefest. Any sports podcast I listened after the event said that the PPV overall was a disappointment, both played with a plethora of errors throughout the whole thing and the banter between them was forced and sounded scipted etc. It wasn't the event they advertised it would be.

This was a waste time in my opinion and i didn't watch it. If this had happened about 15 years ago, it would have been a different story and it would have created a heck of a lot more interest in my opinion

So in this golf game between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, only one has won a 9 millions dollars prize and the other did not win anything?
That's how it works these golf prizes?
A little strange this premiere of the friendly game.
It would be better if he offered $ 6 millions for the winner and 3 for the second place or $ 5 millions with 4.
In any case it is good that they have made their fans happy, after all this years.
Shokaku, the fight between Floyd Mayweather jr. and Conor McGregor has made a profit great.
The American won $ 400 millions and the Irish won $ 100 millions.

To be money win in boxing is also too big, i cannnot understand how you caj win hundred million of dollars in oje match. It is too big money. All boxij g professional also donthis sport for 1 million and nit 100, so this is too big money in professional sport i think

a game of golf, but I don’t understand at all ..... why are there such big prizes ..... I understand when hockey players get big money .... That is, those players who are sports are popular all over the world .... but golf is a game for a limited circle of people .... strange for me .... but of course this is not my business

You are winning a golf game and taking home a prize of 9 millions USD Smile
That is a prize to win Smile
Not a sport that i like, but no doubt it is not an easy one to play.
In order to reach at this level you probably need lots of practice and luck Smile
A bit boring as a sport to watch also Smile

This was supposed to be a $19.99 pay per view event.

AT&T was forced to make this free after suffering a glitch processing customer's online purchases.

This event was supposed to highlight AT&T's media ability after their $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner (including HBO, Warner Bros. and Turner).


All of these media mergers where companies are saddling up for the digital ventures of the next decade will look silly within a couple years where it will turn out that the consuming pactrices will not follow their expected outcomes and they've spent all of these money on something nobody wanted.

Wasting money on buying inappropriate or unnecessary products is old-fashioned...
This is usually done between friends and at the end nourish more mouths and friends also earn something.
There are several ways through which you can do this and i think sometimes it's good to do it.

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