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Hi fellow mob gang Cool

This is the first time i write in this forum, although i have been a member for several years. I really need your help on this one.

So today i deposited 25€ on Pokerstars because it said it would give me 50% casino bonus to play with.

Unfortunately, it did convert my 25€ payment into 41$ casino bonus which i have to unlock by reaching ~ 62 points. Otherwise i would not be able to play poker with my money.

Well I mostly play poker and I am not really experienced with online casinos.. I will have to unlock the bonus first by wagering x amount before it is converted into real cash.

So my question to you fellow mob crew:

How do i reach the required 62 wagering points in the fastest and safest way possible, so i will be able to use my money on the poker tables? My first guess would be to play roulette with 1$ bets on red/black, but i am not sure if there is a better way.

Maybe you guys know any solution?

Cheers and thank you in advance! Dollar Dollar Dollar Thumbs Up

Well i personally think there is no fast ans safe way, because you most times lose in casino not matter how play and longer play more chance to lose, but you have to get points and 50 percent bonus can help to finance losses and get final profit, so i think you need to play roulette chances to smallest bet or blackjack agains smallest bets.

There is a way but it kinda depends on how much money you're willing to lose. Play roulette and place a $1 bet on every single number. You get some points but you also lose $1 for every spin. However, that is a guaranteed loss of no more and no less then $1. All you need to do is figure out how many times you need to do this bet in order to clear the bonus. You can't get your balance down bellw $37 because then you don't have enough money to cover every number om the next spin.

Basically you're freely giving money away but you also take leaps towards clearing the bonus. I don't know how the points system works on Stars tho so can't say for sure this works there, but it does work on PartyPoker.

i started playing live holdem. it's kind of headsup vs the bank. I am kind of running good (i am up about 30$) and already got half the wagering done Cool Thumbs Up Dollar Dollar Dollar

Usually the best way to clear bonuses in the casino is to play low house edge and low variance games. Blackjack (usualy the best), Baccarat and even Roulette are the usual candidate games. But here it all will depend on how many points a certain game provides at Stars.

there is no safe amd easy way, if your dealing with a casino then yourodds are slim

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