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What van i do whit my Draw tickets ive got 15 tickets but dont now hoe to use IT van somebody help me thank you

You don't do anything with draw tickets. Every Sunday (Euro time) there's a mob-draw - at "noon" I believe. Anyway, if you win I you'll be notified the next time you log in. If you DO win, you get $50 which you can withdraw from the site, onto an e-Wallet of your choice.

I think you *might* get an email notification if you win too.

If you go to the mob games section --> Mob Draw - you can see how many active tickets you have. That is how many chances you have, out of 5,000 to win. So 15 tickets is a 1/333.33 chance of winning $50 ...

Be aware- I believe you have a limited (though reasonable long) time period to "claim" your prize. Then once you have mob points (5k pts) I believe you can hold on to them as long as you like, by having a balance of 5,000 or more, it means you can always withdraw future wins - for example, the smallest example you can withdraw is $50.

So if you win $50 in the mob draw and have $10 worth of points already, you could withdraw all $60, or you might decide to use $10 to by loads of 'shots' at the mob safe and withdraw the remaining $50. In this case, you want to KEEP the $50 worth of points until you've used ALL your safe shots, because say you win $20 in the mob safe, if you already have $50 you can withdraw the whole $70, but if you take out $50 then win $20, you'll need to win ANOTHER $30 before you can take it out!

Yes .... tickets tickets ..... This is my Achilles heel .... last year I bought 1101 tickets .... this year I bought 700 tickets .... it was all in December .... All this was when many prizes of the Sunday lottery were being played .... and in the end I won no prize .... this is a total failure .... this week I look again a lot of prizes .... but I won’t buy more tickets .... enough

Any user who has tickets for Mob Draw do not have to worry.
They come in automatically in extracting from the next Sunday.
With other words you do not have to do anything.
Tickets are in the total lot, where the winners are extracted.
Good luck. Smile

Yes it is hard think to do to make decide to buy tickets to mobdraw or not to buy, if you buy tickets and have some good luck you can get 5000 mobpointa very fast and make withdraw, but you caj lose fast too. But if you accumulated points slow you have to wait long but get guarantee withdraw

i wish u all off luck into the next draw that is at 2 pm,..
May lott off mobsters win and spend youre money wisely and make a lot off profit,.
That would be the best way to spend the money ore buy a nice gift for family.

Good luck everyone

4 prizes of 5.000 points were played today .... But this time I again did not buy tickets .... these purchases would be enough for me .... 1800 points spent on these tickets before the holidays last year and this year .. .. and in the end nothing .... I won't buy them anyway ... I never won anyway ... Probably it's not my fate .... OK .... on the calendar, by the way, too .... . For the whole of December there is no prize at all ..... wonderful

congratulations to winners of todays mob draw!this month we have lot of winners every sunday!this month I had only 5 tickets on one draw which we got for free from BRM,but on all other draws didnt had any tickets,because I getting only special prizes on this chrismtas calendar,which is better for me!

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