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Came back for the Christmas Calendar - figured out a trick to win  +5   
Seriously though - I mostly dropped of the "poker scene" (especially online) when the Australian anti-online-gaming laws came into effect; removing Poker Stars from the local options.

Before anyone jumps down my throat - I am aware that I can still play, for real money, online - if I really wanted to, but there's a variety of reasons I don't.

Anyway, I was clearing out some of my old bookmarks and wanted to make sure this site was still operational (I was pretty sure it would be, I can only hope Fat-Tony is still running the show around these parts?)

Anyway - shout out to any other old-mobsters out there - in particular those of you I talked to, know who I am and I you - would love to hear from you, hear what you're up to (in life or poker - or both!)



Happy Christmas!

And to those who object to Happy "Holidays" used instead (of Christmas), I say to you, my friends: You have a Merry....Happy Holidays you loser hahaha - seriously, go complain about something real. So long as someone is wishing you a good time, be thankful and return the favour you jerk!

Hey jessthehuman! Welcome back!

happy holidays to you dear friend ..... of course It’s very sad that Australia has been banned from online poker .... it's just some kind of insanity .... it seemed to someone that this would be better for everyone .... but this wrong ..... I am very afraid that this will also affect Russia .... we are also forbidden to play online casino in online poker ..... but you can bypass the law .... play through VPN

Hi jess! Good to hear from you! I trust everything is fine with you? I'm still playing my micro games, gotta get those yearly cashouts! But things are looking up, now I've finally got a full time job that pays well so I can stop the cashouts and just build up my bankroll! Probably gonna do a small cashout around next christmas tho, but I think I'll be able to move up in stakes pretty soon!

It's sad that you're not playing anymore, you were doing really well! Is there are site where only australian players can play for real money? Or is it completely banned with online gamling all together?

Hope you're able to stay here, for the company at least Smile good luck to you with everything!

Welcome back Jessthehuman Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's to you all the best Thumbs Up Smile

welcome back, and happy marry Christmas LUL

Welcome back jessthehuman Thumbs Up

Fat Tony

Hey there JessTheRude, nice to hear back from you.

Last things I remember from you are you got engaged and also were hired on a regular job and you had also sorted out an old dark shadow of your life: hope thses three matters are still holding Thumbs Up Worship

Not playing poker almost at all : sometimes I receive promotional mail from pokersites I used to play in the past trying to take me back at the tables with bonuses; so I happen to seat back at the tables and spend some light time there in a "big or bust" style.
Only thing I am not able to quit is logging in here to check what's going on.

Lastly let me state about Australian gaming laws : you should be thankfuyl...once your government figured out Australian players are all donks they banned you from going online not to be cleaned in a matter of minutes Tongue Big Smile

PS: some days ago I discovered about flat earth thought and they say Australia doesn'r even exist. Tell us the truth : where do you live? Aww crap! Aww crap!

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Happy New Holidays & New Year to you Blink

Yeah, I stopped playing poker too, because we in Poland have the same law as you...

But I love BRM, I love freebies, I love calendar, draw, safe, and bunch of crazy guys here Blink

So, as long as the BRM will be operational, I will be part of this site.

Happy time guys! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Welcome back Worship

I am still waiting to be told about this trick Blink

Hey how you doing Jesse ? hope life is treating you well and welcome back.That's the niceties over and i'm with Robbo on this what's the trick ? Smile

Welcome back good sir! Cool

Yes old friend
Much respect

Always nice to dee an old mobster returning to this site.

Hope everything is Ok for you there at the other side of the world.

Will be curious of another post of you here or will it be just one historic return for you to the bankrollmob scene.

Guess we have to be realistic and the chence to get rich from poker will be very low for us…. but that does not mean we can not enjoy sitting at the tables and try to win some peanuts

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