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Introducing moneyTree ($1k Freeroll Sunday, Dec 23)

Introducing moneyTree, the new club on the PPPoker app; the latest and most convenient way to play online poker, on your cellphone, tablet, or desktop - wherever you are! Americans welcome. As a special offer for you, deposit any amount with us and get entry into the 1k freeroll on Monday, December 24, 2018 02:00 GMT / 03:00 CET / 21:00 EST Sunday, December 23, 2018. Click here f[...]   Read more » Introducing moneyTree ($1k Freeroll Sunday, Dec 23)

Introducing moneyTree ($1k Freeroll Sunday, Dec 23)  0   
I probably won't be able to participate in the $1,000 special freeroll tournament due to a scheduling conflict, but I might consider creating an account on moneyTree (one of the PPPoker clubs) in the near future.

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Something tells me that this freeroll tournament, wont have too many entrants,
since in order to participate, you need to deposit.
And its not the deposit itself, but probably the site, which i believe it is a new one,and many players are reluctant depositing in a new site.

Posted by Mober:
And its not the deposit itself, but probably the site, which i believe it is a new one,and many players are reluctant depositing in a new site.

Ir's not that big of a deal, if BRM reps them and there is a problem it will get sort out here probably. But nevertheless dec. 23-24 is just not that great time to hold any tourney IMO...

To do a small deposit is not very difficult in a new poker room or casino.
10 dollars have a low value.
You can do this and then wait for a while.
They allow US players access and players will sign up here.
There will be more players because Americans are everywhere, where they can play legally.

they could offer something more for BRM member and players who will sign up from their link at this new poker room!just to play this freeroll isnt enough and they could do some deposit or no deposit bonus like other sites!we dont know much about this poker room and its hard to deposit some amounts when we dont know how they work with cashouts!

I personally not know what is pppoker club and not hear about website money tree too, also they say that they offer deposit and witdraw in cryptocurrencies and to me this is not place I want to have my real money. so I not register in this website, but good situation to players who use cryptocurrencies and now they can play this bankrollmob freeroll

Maybe it means Paddy Power Poker or Private Players Poker.
There are tournaments where you can play with your friends real money or virtual money.
It's possible to mean something else but to learn this thing you can search on internet if you want.
You can learn many things in that way. Smile

I play in the local poker more I have played in some gringos and it is very fun and interesting I have already won some dollars and always I have fun I hope this one is well sucessful welcome moneytree

I dont see any updates here. The tournament was three days ago and still no news
about it.
No one was in this one?
The pay outs must have been real good, and by not seeing any posts,
the sign ups for it must have been a few also Smile which means an easy tournament to win some good money...

There are many users who are silent when it's a good freeroll. Smile
If there are more players then the competition is more fierce.
Everybody thinks what he wants but a freeroll it's not a game to be hidden.
If you know good freerolls then you have to give 'share'. Cool
It would be a nice gesture. Big Smile

This post by qwertolog has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
If they dont have ewallets, then it is not that easy to deposit in a site.
After all the methods you are mentioning here, are not the popular ones, for the most players.
Here the paysafe card is gaining grounds, as a method of deposit in online sites.
The only bad thing with it is that you can only cash out in a bank account.

The other day I downloaded moneyTree software and installed it on my computer. Regrettably, moneyTree (one of the PPPoker skins) wasn't my cup of tea. I just didn't like its cheesy graphics. I uninstalled the software and erased all related files, traces, etc.

how to deposite there ? now!
where to found the fre ero ll?

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