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Really I do not understand! Respect? You thought that the software of 888poker was stealing you and then you want to give your respect? Is a particular kind of retribution, but if it works for you...go with it! By the record, do you know that the only money that makes rake is when you participate in the action? You have to win or lost the hand if you only limp or didn´t put money in the table you don´t generate rake Blink

This is normal for all players.
All players must do wagering.
Poker rooms live because of the money that players run.
Every room wants players who plays many games.
In this way they earn more money.
If they do not let me to make money with the fish players then they do not deserve to be respected.
I respected the poker rooms but now i started to hate some of them.
If they respect me then i respect.
If they do not respect me then my respect disappears. Smile

What a deep thought! ...but I don´t share it Big Smile The poker´s rooms, like all the companies in the capitalist system, only want to make money with a product, a service or some deviation around them. They want our money, not our respect. They don´t care about it, they give a level of prizes according to a level of betting, only!

Then i want them to have players just as they offer money.
For me who is not right it's not worth it to be respected.
Love with force it's not possible my friend.
I do not think in this way.
I think logically and rationally.
If they think only for money, then i hope the players to realize this thing very fast and to leave these online games.
If they are correct then is very good.

Make love not war!! Big Smile Big Smile You has a particular idea about the capitalist corporation. I think in them that seems like a crusher of people to make hamburgers that they sell to the rest of us. And, really, I couldn´t think about respect with them. But the threat of our Brazilian mobster friend is about tournaments or SnGs and I like both of them (despite the conspiracy) Big Smile

The games are ok if you do not lose money.
If you lose or you win nothing, then i think you will not say that anymore. Smile
I appreciate the tournaments in which i make a good poker.
Unfortunately i did not succeed to do good games in the last months.
Even so my preference is for tournaments and after that for cash games.
Everyone with his games. Big Smile

I´m thinking about a big matter...where is the creator of the thread? Summer, holidays and Brazil make a combo that could explain everything Big Smile I feel a little uncomfortable writing in a thread of another mobster without his participation. But in the web are too many cash information and only a few about SnGs and MTTs. I have to make a thread about it! Smile

You can make a thread but users will not talk too much about it.
When you have no inspiration you can comment on new threads.
They are called Latest News and see them here on the forum page.
You can also open threads but not be identical to another user.
Until then, i wish you success with your all games. Cool

Yes, that`s the point. I would make some thread but is hard to make one that may be totally different and doesn´t seem like an imitation. I´m thinking about it. Hmmm, and one that doesn´t create fake expectative like "All you wanted to know about SnGs and MTTs and never dared to ask". Big Smile Big Smile But I don´t want to write any more in an abandoned thread! Chau!

I personally like to play all different variations from poker, of course not have big deposit so with small bankroll try to play minimum buyin of cash games and too enjoy sit and go especially one table, play double or nothing many times, mtt too sometimes

It's not hard to make a thread because those who have been in the past are no longer put.
You can make a simple one with tournaments or one with Sit And Go.
You can write here even if Max1403 he does not write in every day.
This is not a problem.
I played some Sit and Go with my daily ticket but is the same as before.
I will stay more on satellites and tournaments and sometimes cash. Smile

I`m returning to this thread because the mobster Max has abandoned it and because of I made a thread about sits and go and only we are there, so...we have two threads to chat about my lovely sits! (and tourneys!) You are playing sits too CALICUL? and with tickets in 888poker? What kind of sits is it? How does it call?

I played sit and go tournaments that are called 10 Handed, Simple or Turbo.
I have not played too much, because i like to play satellites with my free 888 poker tickets.
Is nice to play more tables but here it is a great inconvenience.
When there remains 3-4 players at the tables, it destroys all the game, because you play at 3-4 tables and you have to move very fast.
I can not move quickly hands after hands in 3-4 tables.
It's hard if you have to do this with your mouse. Sad

Ten handed sits are the $,0,10 and $ 0,40 Buy-In. I was playing in $ 0,40, turbo. If you continue there maybe we could meet there Blink Why do you play multitable if you don´t like it? I don´t understand you. I play four tables at maximum, but normally I play 2 or 3 tables because it´s comfortable to me. Think about it my friend...

G'day mates

Lately I have only been playing Sin N Go's and NOT any tournaments.
I just can not even pretend right now to have the patience needed to play in a tournament.
I can only play poker in very short burst then I just need to take a break.
gone are the day when I could play live for 3 days without a break, now an hour does me in. Aww crap!

wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool

In general there are many players who do not play tournaments because they have no time.
Of course there are other people who are no longer patient.
After a period you are bored with sit and go, then you can play cash games, where you can retire when you want from the table(s). Smile

Don´t worry RoninHarper, step by step. I might play a tourney but think in 6 or 7 hours doing it, sit down facing the screen and fighting with thousands of players, seems crazy for me. I love SnGs! you don´t need more of 40 minutes on average, and you may play several of them in multi-table playing, with a good profit Blink

To me is the reverse. I have no patience to play sit and go's games but i have patience to play tournaments. Smile I'm in a sng game and i play bingo because i get bored fast. In MTT i do not get bored fast because there are more concentation. Sometimes i read some things on the internet too and if i play sng is disturbed because here the game is faster. Blink

That is why the world continues rolling: diversity! Big Smile Is a mystery to me how you may get bored in SnGs or how you may be more concentrated along six hours rather 40 minutes, but that it is, we are different! When I`m playing (I`m not at this stage) I like to open three tables and replacing each one when I win or lost, but never would have more than four of them open. Blink

I'll tell you why me i love tournaments more than sit and go. I'm thinking about the opportunity to make money. With SNG does not tempt me, to win a little. I want to gain more and because of that i play tournaments with patience. Cool

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