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$ 25.000 Freeroll on Pokerstars  0   
To get this ticket you have to go to the challenges option in the Pokerstars lobby and after that to click
on Winter Series Chalenge ( to accept the challenge ).
After that all you have to do is to play five Winter Series games.
I played 3 games so far and you have time to play these games.
The option expires on January 8, but it is good if you accept this challenge faster.

It was about time to see a good freeroll from either poker stars or full tilt.
While the rest of the sites are keep organizing good games, they are having like one per year.
And since it is poker stars and a freeroll, it is going to be a donk fest once more Smile
with who knows how many participants ;0

Sounds good ive completed 2 aswell cant seem to win on there anymore it was once a good site but latley it seems more rigged then ever but ill keep playing because thats gambling hey lol. Deposit 10.00 at a time everynow and then one day we will all wil something lol good luck to you at pokerstars

I haven’t played PokerStars for a long time .... It’s probably worth trying to play again there .... otherwise I left PokerStars for 888 poker and for PartyPoker .... and forgot about PokerStars .... Hmm .... let's see .... maybe next year something will change .... especially the tournament is not very soon .... I will think

Thanks CALICUL, you are my hero! I receive 4 tickets to the Winter Series tournament and I started to play it, without any luck. But I don´t know that there are this challenge and the opportunity to play this beautiful freeroll! I still have two tickets and I keep some bucks there, so I will play the five tourney...I see you in the $ 25.000!

Today i will play the fourth game of 55 cents, because my bankroll in Pokerstars is not good and tomorrow or the next day, i will finish the fifth tournaments.
This freeroll does not impress me so much but i wanted to let you know about it.
Maybe you will often play in this room and is a small opportunity to win something.
Good luck guys. Blink

I see that you have to bu in for these winter series tournaments, in order to play
the games needed.
So it is a freeroll but with requirements after all Smile
And i thought that they did actually put a "freeroll" up. I was wrong.
So much money they are making and their returns from freerolls are zero Smile

I specified this in the first comment.
To get into this freeroll you must to accept the challenge.
After that you must to play in 5 Winter Series tournaments at any buy-in.
It's very easy.
I'm trying to help some mobsters but for this i was voted with minus.
It's incredible how some users vote. I think they smoke... too much.

Yes Mober, you have the reason! They make a tourney that has a minimum of $ 2,75 buy-in and has until 60.000 players, for a prize of $ 25.000. It is an expensive and sticky dessert for so many flies! And regrettably, the tickets that they gave to us with kindness, only works to tourneys (sats) that don´t work for the account of freeroll Sad too avaricious!

Of course, you can win with the most incredible win. All this always happens. Damn fine poker, you can always get a win even when you have nothing on your hand.

I played 5 Winter Seriess tournaments and each of them with 55 cents buy in.
After that i received the ticket for 25.000 dollars freeroll.
It's not expensive.
A total of $2.75 is not big money.
I know about PokerStars... they have no good freeroll tournaments.
They are grubbers and they insist more on players' deposits not to offer many freerolls.
They want for the players to played real money games not only freeroll.
Their strategy does not work as it was before but players who want money must to do deposit.

Yes, it´s not expensive if you think in the total prize. But if you think in the 60.000 players then is a bit worst. Is a big and long battle where I could arrive exhaust and after a lot of hours ITM with only a few cents. I get this news with enthusiasm in the first moment, but then I started to think about it and I choose to spend my $ 3 in SnG 45players Smile

if you are talking about 60k players, then it is another donk feast.
At least at the first stages of the tournament, where everyone must be going all in
with any decent cards, and not only.
When you are getting closer to the end such tournaments become better, with more serious play.

so in other way,they give freeroll which wont cost them anything,because they will earn this money from this games that you need to play before you get ticket for freeroll!its not like that gave to players something at christmas calendar or anything!who is regular at party poker will earn easy this tickets with 5 plays,but again its not something that they give for free!

Maragatero did a little irony here.
In this Freeroll the maximum allowed is 60,000 players but of course there will not be too many.
Not all players accept this challenge.
That's why i was voted minus twice.
Halal gratitude... Sad
Maybe 15 k players, but i do not think there will be more.
Even so there will be many players who will want to play this free game.

I forgot about this freeroll and lost it. Smile
I thought it was Saturday but it was Friday.
However, there were not 60,000 players.
They were only 12852 with 2700 places paid.
The least won 2 dollars and the most $2500.
It was a good freeroll for many players.
At the end i was right but the minus votes remain. Sad

When you are eligible to play tournaments like this, you need to put reminders Smile
From the data you have given it was a very nice tournament indeed, with 2700
paid positions with the last ones getting 2 USD Smile
Not to mention the prize for the first place Smile

Posted by Mober:
When you are eligible to play tournaments like this, you need to put reminders Smile
From the data you have given it was a very nice tournament indeed, with 2700
paid positions with the last ones getting 2 USD Smile
Not to mention the prize for the first place Smile

And not to mention the $2.75 minimum you have to pay to get into this Freeroll...Freeroll??? for a 2.75 Freeroll????? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
The stars of their greed will soon drown...
Ehhh, good old Scheinbergs, why did you do that???
R. I. P. PS

Edited by kent1974 (13 January 2019 @ 22:46 GMT)

It's not like that.
5 Winter Series games with 55 cents buy-in, where you could earn money in these tournaments and a freeroll bonus.
I know, is very hard to make money in pokerstars.
I did not earn money there.
Not even when the Scheinbergs family was and neither with the Amaya Group ( now is called the Stars Group).
But this year a player from Romania which i know from 888 poker he played several Winter Series with little buy-in.
At a game of $ 2.20 with 13522 players he occupied position 4 and won 9.055 dollars.
That surprised me.
Maybe pokerstars changed his attitude... Smile

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