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Croupier and High Rollers Arrested for Casino Fraud

A croupier working at the Sibaya Casino in South Africa was found to be allegedly rigging the roulette tables and conspiring with two casino players. In the scam they were able to steal around R500,000 (approx. US$36,000). Last week, the now ex-croupier Genevieve Amichand and her two co-conspirators, brothers Roshan and Rakesh Harilall, appeared in the Verulam Magistrate's Court after they were[...]   Read more » Croupier and High Rollers Arrested for Casino Fraud

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Quite strange accusation. "Spun the wheel slowly" Should be dealt with by the person working the floor. But even if the croupier is convicted for these rather vague charges, how are they going to proof the involvement of the players? Looks like a dud to me.

which always say that whoever steals is always worse in the casino where the most invested and in safety since the house always wins and impossible or almost impossible to steal from casinos in the world kkkkk if they gave bad

In this news exist more accurate details.
It's not weird or strange, but it's exactly what he says here.
The casino gave up a considerable part of the damage and this means that they have researched better.
We can not omit this thing.
It was R3.7 million and now the damage is R487,000.
Video samples will elucidate this case and if the croupier and ,,his friends'' are guilty, they will pay.

I cant really understand the "error" they are talking about form the slow spin.
Probably there is a minimum speed, that the wheel must be having,
in order for the whole thing to be considered valid.
And again, they were expecting to get away with this?
Why they are having so many cameras in the casinos, in the first place? Smile

its not such a big amount as you can imagine how much they can steal from casino and now because of that at least one person,dealer will go in prison!in todays world,with so many cameras and everything,they must see that something is wrong and that they have so many "slow" plays!

the crime does not compensate already said my grandmother and and always are always caught and are always trying to give the blow in casinos more will one day we will stop with this system today with atechnology in favor of casinos and increasingly dificio the only thing that they I'll catch you and a cane

How many times we did read the past year about such occurrences in casinos ?
Thye are and will be one of the most secured areas, with all that personnel and cameras,
and yet people will still try to commit a crime.
Lets see how many incidents will happen this year, and which one will be the most weird one Smile

As long as people have the chance to steal money, they will try this.
If monthly wages are enough for all the people in the world, then the percentage of thieves, will decrease very much.
Unfortunately in this world thieves and mafia from different countries earn the most money.
That's why there are thieves everywhere, including casinos where there are nice sums of money to steal. Smile

You could also say, that there are are the clever ones and the dumb ones.
And the second ones are the kind trying to steal from a casino.
People getting caught all the time today, from crime scenes that there is not
a single camera around, and they are trying to steal in a casino, where your every move is
tracked and recorded Smile

That is the challenge. Making the perfect coup, and cheating the casinos out of their money, while watched by a dozend or so surveillance cameras. But maybe the method has to be just a bit more sophisticated, then the one applied here.

It i s not something that happens in the spot.
Since the croupier is in it, they must had organized it beforehand.
But it looks like they didnt do a good job after all.
I bet that the specific croupier wont work in a casino again Smile

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