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I played 888 today. Won satellites with rebuys and addon for 7.50 PKO 8мах. No ticket. In tournaments he was not listed. Better would I specifically flew on 2nd place and took away money ( paid for 2 seats - tournament and money).
I played through the web version. Maybe that's the point. The web version may not display all games. But then a natural question: why add these satellites to the schedule, if the target tournament is not possible to play???
888 more and more "pleasing". Just sad.There is little hope that this tournament has not even been announced and will appear later in the schedule. But believe in this little Sad

In fact, you can always win. Even if you get a small little win from this little winner, you start to climb. Damn, can I tell you this Christmas story from zero to $ 200, and it turned out it was in the autumn; I started before Safari Rolls played at 5 kopecks and eventually went up to $ 200. Disagree

Сегодня у меня будет игра на 20000 долларов Приору это будет очень интересно наверное я очень долго добивался этого турнира на этот турнир билет и вот я наконец-то получил поэтому а точнее Не сегодня а завтра но я жду с нетерпением очень хочу сыграть и хорошо выиграть там

Any chance you are having any filters on, and you couldnt see the tournament?
Cause like you are saying, it idoes not make any sense playing qualifiers when you can not
play the actual tournament.
Have you contacted their support to ask about what has happened?
There must be an explanation...

Mober,as I said, I played through the web version and not in the client ( downloadable app). Apparently in this catch. As for the filters, all filters are thrown off-all games are displayed.
Yes, I contacted support by mail. But talking to 888 support via email is equivalent to shouting out the window)))). I'm not calling them. 7.50 not worth it.
The point of my post was only to tell all members about the next problems n 888, but that does not solve the problem. Alas, I think the 888 just pretend there was no problem. It is, unfortunately, their method of operation. Disagree

If there is no live chat, then it takes some time in most sites to get a response
via email. Some times the responses comes too late, like in this scenario.

And yes i agree for the charges calling them on the phone.
If there is no free phone for your country, it can cost you a fortune, with all that waiting,
which in most cases doesnt even worth calling them in the first place Smile

Today, in six days.. what???? six days????, came on-mail the answer. Me ( thank you at least politely) asked to delve into the history of games and hands to find something, something to record, something them to send... In short, asked to do for them the work that they should do. LOL. Of course I won't do it. First, they have to do it, and secondly, what do some specific hands have to do with the fact that there are no tournaments in their schedule for which they hold satellites? And how do the hands played affect the fact that after winning the satellite I did not have a ticket to the target tournament? To me all this is extremely unclear and not much like it. It seems that the support service does not work in the field of poker, and teenagers who came to the nightclub for a couple of pills...

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