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Daniel Negreanu got engaged to Poker Host Amanda Leatherman

New Year brings about new beginnings and a hopeful outlook in life for the future. For Daniel ‘KidPoker' Negreanu, he finally decided that the beginning of 2019 is the best time to start a wedded life for him with past girlfriend Amanda Leatherman. Negreanu had been married previously for just a few months back in 2007 to Lori Lin Weber. Negreanu and Leatherman first met in 2010 and both[...]   Read more » Daniel Negreanu got engaged to Poker Host Amanda Leatherman

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"I will keep her safe. She will keep me wild." What more can she ask? Just hope she doesn't ask that much often for him to be out of the tables, as we like to watch him bluffing!

It not often that you get engaged/married your past girlfriend after you split but I hope for Daniel this relationship last forever as he is such a nice guy and deserve it.

hahaa this Daniel is f**k already got the beautiful blonde that cool even wish lots of luck and much joy for this player and smartly intelligent sagas and she has much love and be very happy casl 20 of poker or not

It was time for Daniel Negreanu to take this step.
This hand must play it carefully.
He is 44 years old and is normal for him to want children.
I suppose they want this, or a happy marriage.
I wish for Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman great health, happiness and happy wedding.

It is news that many do not care to know about. Personal life for some is not that personal.
But if you are someone like Negreanu, either you like or not, even if you do not advertise it
yourself, someone else will do it Smile So we it is inevitable for them after all Smile

Nice step for both of them.

It's great for him, I remember when he took part in some of reality tv, when he searched for wife. And now he will be marry to beautiful woman.

And for her - it's very great financial step. Negreanu won many many Dollar Dollar Dollar , so he will provide her stable life without worrying about money.

I wish them luck!

Many congratulations to Daniel & Amanda on their engagement. I remember her hosting 'The Big Game' and whenever Daniel was on it, they were always pretty flirty around each other and they really do look like a well matched couple and it is nice to see them together

I know about danile negreanu only that he is very good poker player and I watch some youtube videos how he play, but no information about his life family, so it interesting to me to read this article and so now I can too congratulate Daniel for find his person and be happy.

Amanda Leatherman. the woman who hooked the kidpoker hahahha who strateja he used to invite the 1st world of poker more whatever it is very profitable and happy this relationship and that comes with a lot of good and that are very happy in the world of poker where the relationships do not be very faithful and well daniel who is very happy

Hopefully everything turns out very well is that stage that is giving and that achieve a better future in life together, Congratulations.

Well this is great news hehe think that he is going to marry Negreanu, the truth is I do not know much about the woman with whom he will do it but I hope he does not cut his wings too much with respect to what is poker no longer all but some women demand that they leave a little some things that are part of one, hopefully not so and get along and Negreanu follow in poker Cool Cool Cool

BankrollMob Forum » News » Daniel Negreanu got engaged to Poker Host Amanda Leatherman

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