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Introducing SwC Poker

SwC Poker is a well established, low rake, highly trusted Bitcoin poker room. Launched from the ashes of SealsWithClubs in early 2015, SwC Poker is one of the few "Pure Bitcoin" poker sites, which means all deposits, play, and withdrawals are in Bitcoin. "No banking, only Bitcoin" is the slogan. Each Bitcoin is divided into 1,000,000 chips so the site can spread a wide range of table limits. SwC P[...]   Read more » Introducing SwC Poker

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Introducing SwC Poker  0   
It is a site with the only currency available the bitcoin.
Not too many sites out there like that.
The btc has dropped way too low, and the predictions for rapid growth at the end
of the year were false. Wonder what will happen this year.
The site gives a no deposit bonus, so good luck to all the ones, that will try to
build btc Smile

They have some more exotic versions of poker on offer, like Badugi, but their player base is very very low. So at the moment not a room for cash game players. While having Bitcoin as an option is nce, i am not to fond of rooms, that have no other payment option available

A lot of benefits in this new poker room.
You buy bitcoin and you can play with little or no rake at low stakes.
SwC Poker has many things that favor the players and that is a good thing.
Freeroll games will also be present but someone has to tell us, if they can be played free ( without deposit ) or you are forced to make a deposit.
I would try this room for a few games to see how it is because i do not have the option to play real money, until a license is paid by SwC Poker.

Bitcoin only sites seem to be becoming very popular way of doing business. Given the volatility of bitcoin, it’s interestiñg that this is a solid base for any business venture. I guess the people in the know know what they are doing and are willing to take the risk . Good luck to all of you who join this service provider.

With Bitcoin they can escape the regulations some countries may have on transactions to gambling sites. Just remember the news about the russian ban on foreign gambling sites a few month ago. Without any fixed payment processor the governments have no one they could put pressure on. At least for the moment.

only yesterday 16 jan, did I hear about this site because Australians could use it. also PS will be coming back to australia soon as they own some betting sites now so no doubt will bring poker back through them, if not outright.

since its bitcoin and low number of users, It will be hard to see this site taking off since it hasnt already. bitcoin has cooled off considerably so doubt people would be jumping at this chance

just been on triple8....they have rakeless tournaments - fairly new addition I think

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Maybe if the bitcoin stars rising again.
You never know what happens with all that crypto currency.
It looks stable for quite some time now, between 3500 and 4000 USD.
All it needs is a good race up.
And if that happens, sites like this will be on fire again Smile

Open an account ther eyesterday to take a look ....

Played 3 freerolls and got 2 times ITM .. so now have 1.9 chips ( and 1.000.000 chips = 1 bitcoin)

The freerolls were new to me, had to look up how the play badeucy and short deck holdem.

Not much traffic 40 to 60 players in the freeroll.... so now I am just waiting for the ND bonus from BRM and see what it gives

haha 1.9/ got a looong way to go! Blink

If you want to reach a whole bitcoin from the freerolls, it is gonna take you a while Smile
You still 999998.1 short Smile
But if they allow, which i bet they do, cashing out less than a whole btc
then you may get something sooner.
But with current value of btc, is like you havent won a single thing Smile
Good luck Thumbs Up

I did play in SwC a few years ago before they close it out and sure it was a nice platform.
I'm glad they were back after a low time although I don't know where did my satoshis went after closure Sad

To me personally it is not very good options to play thos poker room because not have bitcoin and not want to buy, too risk situation to buy can be situation when i win some money in ppker but lose becuse bitcoin lose some price

SwC Poker MORE A POKER ROOM? NO LORDS yes more a SUPER POKER ROOM OF CRIPITOMMOEDAS STILL ABOVE hahhah we will see if this is certain because I want to see how it will deal with the gross exchange of the currency but I am already intusiasmado because of bitcoin I understand

I have just receive my no deposit bonus of 1000chips and 1000 token ty very much. Low traffic but lot of poker variante. Pineapple too but not game start again. Dont liKe Graphic interface

The low traffic is due to the fact they are operating with crypto coins only.
But at some point it is better like that.
If they are having guaranteed tournaments, then it may be better with less players in,
according to the paid positions Smile
Good luck with your new bankroll.

i have just recive my no deposit bonus of 1000chips and lost it in few min at nl1000 playin big Smile Agree - Big Smile thanks anyway for the no deposit bonus, got left tickes for tonight tourney start at 21h see ya there mobs

Also received my ndb, did not play with the points yet.
I have also registrated with the ticket... hope to win something thhere as there are not many players (22) at the moment.
Just try to make the best of it, see you on the tabels Irenas9, nickname there is the same as here.



Posted by Mober:
Maybe if the bitcoin stars rising again.
You never know what happens with all that crypto currency.

Yeah, imagine you deposit one night five hundred bucks worth of crypto, playing there two weeks win a truckload and withdraw five hundred bucks still, cuz' the bitcoin nosedived while you played in there. lol

Currency fluctuations can hit you every time you have to play in a different currency than your own. Even in Euro vs US Dollar conversions this can be felt. Maybe not to such an extent as with cryptos, but it can still hurt your profit

Yea the rate changes between all currencies agreed. But none so far was so volatile
as the bitcoin.
The one moment you had a fortune, and the other you had lost it Smile
The ones that are playing in sites like this must be the ones holding their coins
and not changing them in regular basis.
There is too many of them still waiting for a rise Smile

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