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Reward for perseverance...  +1   
Thank you, Mr. Administrator and Bankroll Mob at all!! Worship Worship Worship
Today, when I open the Mob Points&Affiliate to see when I can write in my threads, I see the best thing that a mobster could see in your account: 2500 points for Balance updated by BankrollMob [Contest], what a good surprise! It make me committed to this page and his initiatives! THANK again!!!!

Here you are right my mobster friend.
You were so persistent that you managed to win a prize of 2500 mob points. Smile
I think someone from here he listened to your request and boom... one prize is in your account.
I congratulate you for this award and and much success in the future. Smile

Thank you CALICUL! I know you really have good wishes for me! Found the prize in my account was a big surprise. First I didn´t understand what happened, I had 3450 points and suddenly there was 5950. And then of the first surprise, I didn´t believe that this was the contest prize. Each time I remembered the contest in a thread I thought that the persistence was making an annoying attitude. But not, Mr. Administrator and his gang are all good buddies and manage codes! Worship

i just havent got to through the full forum posts yet to see what it is exactly these points are and what they are used for? can someone reply here to let me know please?

Imagine what would have happened, if you werent one of the winners, after so many
threads you had opened for the subject Smile
Glad it is over and wont see another one popping up soon Smile
Congratulations for your win.
None of our suggestions was chosen for it.
I wonder how they named the site after all Smile

Posted by chkndinner:
i just havent got to through the full forum posts yet to see what it is exactly these points are and what they are used for? can someone reply here to let me know please?

Hi chkndinner, you can see the history for yourself if you look for the thread "CONTEST (again): Share your idea for a domain name and win MobPoints" which has one previous thread that you can find through it. Synthetically, it was a contest to propose a name to a future site about the cripto currency. A lot of mobsters participated of it, but the selection (and the prizes) be late. I was a really annoying rememberer!

I also thank you Bankroll Mob! Worship Worship Worship
It is a great surprise for me and a great pleasure to find myself among the lucky winners. Smile
I also congratulate the other three lucky winners!!!

peronibar, Tony_MON7ANA, maragatero

So thanks to BRM Worship and congratulations winners! Thumbs Up Smile

Congratulations to all the winners! I am so honored and thankful to be part of this community.

Thank you bankrollmob and congrats to our fellow Mobsters Tony, maragetero and 11aha11 Smile

Congratulations for amazing prize to get 2500 is great news. But also i think it is not because perseverance it is just situation where you have good luck. For perseverance i personally think it is prize when you collect 5000 mobpoints and make withdraw

I do it too Gerimantas! Day by day I write my five threads fighting with the schedule of 24hs, and the annoying of some fellows that do not agree with my ideas and my english. But I felt little nervous because I was the only mobster who remembered the "crypto contest" month by month. By the way, what a shame that none of our ton of name was elected, don´t you think?

Who told you, you were the only one that had in mind the contest?
Nothing gets forgotten here. So once admin said, t
hat he will make the announcement when it was time, that was all we needed?
You think they needed a monthly reminder about that? Smile

Oh no Mober, I do it to be socially recognized and make some friends in the path! Tongue I was thinking that Mr. Administrator could be lonely and hasn´t anybody who send messages to him, so I was committed to making some accompaniment... The matter between us is that you have great confidence about the authority in general (Do you like FMI too?), and I work with human being Big Smile

First of all i do not know what FMI stands for, and second, i am a member in BRM
for quite some time, and i know how things work.
When they say that they will do something, they are doing it,
so constant reminders about the same subject, one that they have responded with details,
are not needed Smile

FMI is International Monetary Fund. They are more perseverant than we are.
About Reward for perseverance there is another case here.
His name is Axelerators and manages to open the mob safe 17 times in one year and 7 months.
What kind of perseverance is that? Confused
This is very interesting.
What do you think?

Thank CALICUL, I didn`t translate the capital letters...And I write about it because I told to our friend Mober that she is always supporting the causes of entities with authority (companies, corporations, etc.). And, for me, as she is Greek would be an excess that she will be supporting too the reason of an entity that destroyed her country. About Axelerator, I found and talked about this mystery: the man who crushed the random way!

I can clearly say, that you have lost it completely maragatero with all that authority-companies stuff.
Do you even know what you are talking about? Cause i really doubt about that.

You havent even have the slightest idea of my opinion and belief, for the cause and effect,
with the economical situation right now in greece.

Too much perseverance my friend.
I missed with 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 mob shots.
In total i missed over 3,000 attempts and i did not manage to open the mob safe for the fifth time. Over 3000 shots after november 2017 and not even once.
Why him open almost every time and me not?
What did i do wrong to have this bad luck?
It's so sad for many users of course.
One of them gets a head on the walls many times when he is upset or frustrated.

But I have a pearl for you my friend: the mobster "golfozo" break the Mob Safe twice in a row! We ever talk about "Axelerator" but this mobster has a good performance! I never could break the safe here in one year, and those guys are making records! It´s not fair! Do you break it once? I never could win the Mob Draw too, and you?

Well maybe Axelerator is the new friend of the mobsafebitch....
As pochui has not been seen here lately ... it s much more quiet here now....
Guess Axelerator tokk his chances and use his avances towards this lady who s protecting the mobsafe.
To be honest I know much better looking babes .....

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