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Coin Flip (January 28 to February 27, 2019) - bwin  0   
How will you call it today?

The "Coin Flip” promotion will run from 00:01 (CET) on 28.01.2019 to 23:59 (CET) on 27.02.2019.

What is Coin Flip?
- Coin Flip is an exciting promotion where you can take a FREE shot at winning amazing daily prizes.

How do I play?
- Playing Coin Flip is easy - all you need to do is pick BLACK or YELLOW. If your side lands face up, you'll win a prize.

Please go to bwin website to find out if you are eligible for this offer.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (29 January 2019 @ 01:17 GMT)

And again another promotion from bwin. They must be having one after another.
And if i am not mistaken they had this one again at some time.
Not a bad thing of course. A free promotion is free promotion,
and no one has a problem if they are repeating them Smile

so they continue with promotion with free present for all of their customers!nice that you will have one month for free gifts and hope that you will make something from it,like you did at last promotions!just change strategy and play something different when you win free money!

January 28: I lost a coin flip. No prize.
January 29: I won a coin flip and got 5 free spins ($0.20 x 5) to use on "Loot'em Khamun."
- $0.00 free spins winning.
January 30: I lost a coin flip. No prize.

Players residing in Japan have been unable to withdraw their funds until certain arrangements are made. So any winnings are worthless.

in this promotion is bad that you need to choose whar side of coin flip is right and what color is winning,so if you choose wrong you dont get anything and if you choose good one,then you need to see what kind of prize you will get!its bad if you hit some deposit bonus after right pick of side!good luck tony in next days!

January 31: 5 free spins ($0.01 x 9 lines x 5) to play "Mega Fortune Wheel."
February 1: 5 free spins ($0.01 x 9 lines x 5) to play "Mega Fortune Wheel."
February 2: 5 free spins ($0.01 x 9 lines x 5) to play "Super Joker."
- I won a grand total of $1.38 with these 15 free spins. Good luck to all bwin players.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip Tony, I had no idea about this promotion either and I happen to have had a BWIN account in good standing with some cash in it. Lost the flip today but will try again.

I see they have another promo for a tourney ticket if you wager 10Euros in a week. I wonder if wagering the free money from the free spins from the flips would count towards that, nice little add on. You have to play through the freebies anyway to cash em out usually so this would be an extra for doing that.

Yes from what we have seen here a play through is required.
And it is not easy, when you are getting only 5 spins, and a lousy win from them,
in order to win some actual cash, not tied to the requirements Smile
You need to be extra lucky, to be able and add actual cash, to your real balance Smile

if you can get this kind of winnings,5 free spins every day and to use them on same day and keep winnings to wager later,then this would be great!you just wait to collect as much as you can and then to try to play something from bigger amount!if you need to wager winnings from free spins in 24 or 72 hours,then would be problems!

February 3: I lost a coin flip. No prize.
February 4: I won a coin flip and got 5 free spins to play "Super Joker."
- I won $1.43 with my free spins. Then I hit the casino floor and put it all (US$1.50) on "Black" at the live dealer automated Roulette (US$0.10 minimum) table, hoping to double up. I guess I played around 30 rounds. A lousy US$3.00 has been added to my bwin account.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (04 February 2019 @ 02:47 GMT)

February 2: I lost a coin flip. No prize.
February 3: I lost a coin flip. No prize.

Doggonnit every time! Ha ha guess I can't really complain though with only 2 attempts at it so far. Ah well. Guess we'll see if I have better luck tomorrow, I sure hope so!

Hi, Tony_MON7ANA do you continue playing poker in that poker`s room or you only are betting there? I ask it because I`m planning to make a register there to start to make a volume of playing and get points to learning material in a poker`s school. So, what do you can say about the traffic there? Particularly in sits and go or MTTs if you know...
Thank and regards!

Bad luck!
Come back and try again tomorrow.
Don't be too disheartened - there are still plenty of chances left to win awesome rewards.

Hopefully I win "casino free spins," "bet-get bonus," "cash," or "freebet" tomorrow. Good luck to all mobsters!

lot of no wins in last days!but this promo is different,beacuse you need to choose site,its not like at party promotion,where you need to click in right time to get it!
here we can see that some other member from other countries can use this promotion,but would be nice that you earn something from it,if you can!good luck!

Yesterday was the first of 4 flips that I won something but it was contingent on depositing. It didn't specify exactly what you would get for depositing and I didn't have my funds ready to move so I didn't do it. Anyone else try it to see what the offer is? Not even sure where I can check it.

You've guessed correctly and won 5 Free Spins! Be sure to come back and try your luck again tomorrow!
18+. Free Spins must be claimed within 24 hours. Wagering varies and must be met within 3 days. Full TCs apply.

I just used to my free 5 spins on "Loot'em Khamun" and won $0.00. I wasn't surprised. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Good luck to all players!

Looks like you are getting the wrong side lately, most of you Smile
Just cross your fingers and hope that your luck will change.
They are always having nice giveaways in bwin, but this one, where you have to pick,
seems to have a higher fail ratio, than the other promotions Smile

this is good slot beacuse he have 243 ways of winning,not just some low number of lines like most of slots and if you hit few symbols it can pay big,but its bad when you dont get anything from 5 free spins!but maybe is better not to win anything,then to win 0,10 e and what to do then!good luck in next days!

February 7: I guessed a coin clip correctly and won 5 free spins to play "Super Joker."
- I won $0.00 with these 5 free spins.
February 8: I guessed a coin clip correctly and won 5 free spins to play "Super Joker."
- I won $0.12 with these 5 free spins.

Good luck to all players.

Oh I forgot to follow up and let you guys know that the deposit offer was for 20 free spins with a deposit. I did win another flip for 5 free spins and landed .18 ha ha. Needless to say that didn't last long. Pretty hard to playthough such a small amount.

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