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partypoker celebrates SPINS launch with $1M jackpot for only $5 buy-in

The Sit & Go Jackpots game has been renamed to "SPINS", with players having the chance to win a sweet $1 million in a jiffy with only a buy-in of $5! partypoker is rejoicing their launch of SPINS and a great way to celebrate it is by offering a special edition of SPINS $1M games, giving players that rare chance to become a lucky millionaire in mere minutes for just a $5 buy-in! SPINS is th[...]   Read more » partypoker celebrates SPINS launch with $1M jackpot for only $5 buy-in

partypoker celebrates SPINS launch with $1M jackpot for only $5 buy-in  0   
These sorts of games are all very exciting and i will be checking in on this one., I can only imagine the feeling anyone would get if you do happen to hit it big. Good luck to all the mobsters playing

This is a really good move from PartyPoker! If I only had enoug of a bankroll to play these games I would surely go for it! Just imagine winning $1 million for a buy-in of only $5! Talk about beinga life changing win. I'm gonna keep my eye on this to see when the first person winning the million dollars will appear.

This is good news for the party poker players.
I bet many will try their luck for the 1 million.
Not easy though, since from the chart the frequency is one in every one million
games Smile
But the winner gets a whole million, plus the other two players from 100k each.
Players will wish that party poker changes the name of the game more often Smile

this is great promotion,especially for players who love to play spin games,so this is not lowest buy in,but still not so big amount for chance to win great prize!but as they say on this screen shot from twitter Tonguelay responsibly!this will make lot of players to play more and more!

the fact alone that they need to rebrand this whole thing from the get-go tells me it did not produced the results they wanted in the first place, I am not exactly sure another promotion is the key here to make it right this time... but who am I to know, right?

This celebration is beneficial for the three players who will win. One million dollars for 1st place and the other 2 players with 100 k is a very beautiful celebration. The big prize will change the life of this player with a amazing speed. Probably will be a big shock for him.

I remember video from one russian player who got huge spin win,he couldnt believe and it was on poker stars!its good that he record everything,so you can find this video on you tube!ofcourse this is something that they will just give from buy ins,its not like that they give for free this amount,but good promotion!

Yea i have seen a couple of such videos.
In one the top prize is 300k and the other two are getting 25k each.
No matter what place you finish there you are leaving with your pockets full. Smile
So even if you lose you are still very happy with that reward Smile

Very good PartyPoker promotion, there to try your luck to see if we become millionaires with only $ 5, good luck to everyone at the tables

To me personally it not look very real, you pay 5 dollars to buyin and then get prizepool of 1 million dollars in 1 in million try and even if you get this prizepool you can finish 3rd or 2nd and not become millionaire or even win nothing

What are you talking about? Cant you see the list with the places and prizes.
Once the 1 million has been drawn to your table, you have 100k USD in your pocket
no matter what.
Three players are in. Second and third win 100k and the first one gets the million.
I would love be in that game and finish in the last position ! Smile

when it comes to online poker you can not be surprised by the dynamics and what better cards can just hit you out of nowhere as for me I always seemed to get rivered when nearing the final stages in the tournament where the blinds are around 6/12k and once I've committed 80% of my stack on the turn. that sort of makes me wonder sometimes too if they knew what cards were going to pop out especially when they have nothing at all and go all in on the flop and get runner-runner straights or 2 pairs etc.

BankrollMob Forum » News » partypoker celebrates SPINS launch with $1M jackpot for only $5 buy-in

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