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888poker to host Seven Rake-Free Tournaments once again on Sunday

Due to insistent popular demand and seeing that the first launch of the series (on February 3) was a success, 888poker brings back RakeLESS Sunday on February 17, 2019. There will be seven rake-free events that are designed to suit any bankroll level. This is 888poker's way to express their gratitude to their loyal players, in which they can enjoy playing poker games with a guaranteed prize poo[...]   Read more » 888poker to host Seven Rake-Free Tournaments once again on Sunday

888poker to host Seven Rake-Free Tournaments once again on Sunday  0   
Good news for all the players of 888poker.
From the description though it says that they are only seven tournaments,
not the whole day for example and whatever you pick Smile but still, it is better than
Good luck to all the ones that will try the games.

Edited by Mober (15 February 2019 @ 11:54 GMT)

Of course it is good situation to player's because you save some money by not pay rake, but i think it is only promotion and happen very rare, so not good to players who want to play rake free more often, maybe one day every week or at least one day every month

well this cant be so often,it would be bad for every poker site to give such a tournaments and not to earn anything!this only thing from what they make profit and ofcourse that we cant expect that from them!but didnt know that they had this kind promotion and with this they are unique in world of poker!

I saw this promotion .... when you open 888 poker client, a pop-up window appears with the announcement of this promotion .... Well, of course, 7 tournaments tournaments are very few .... If this were all the time it would be very attractive ... . But just seven days is certainly not enough

Good way of thinking, hope that more company will feel the same way about doing it more frequently into the future. But would be way more cool if they have some on micro stakes as well, just for the sake of it...

These tournaments are good if 888 poker does not perceive a commission. I've seen there are satellites but unfortunately these satellites are too late. If the satellites started on Monday it was very good. Especially for 100, 200 or 300 dollars games. More satellites, more players, more money Smile

Well, this cannot last long; nice promotion, but mostly for highrollers.
I will play the cheapest one (7$) that's for sure!

Yes like bowie say i think too it is very good if some tournaments in microstakes be like this promotion pay no rake and this happen all time and not in promotion only. Maybe some websites start do this, not all tournament in microstakes but at least some

These are the sorts of events that are very good for any level of poker player and well done to them for bringing it back. It is always nice to read about someone winning big from a very small outlay. Good luck to all

Honestly I would just hold a rake-free day every week if I would be a newcoming site on the market - this way I could build a stabil userbase quickly since most new sites have traffic issues in their formative years, so this could be a good answer to that.

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