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Phil Hellmuth Challenged by Rob Yong to Five $100,000 Heads up NLHE Matches

For many poker players, challenges and prop bets make their life even more exciting when they sometime want to get away from the humdrum of constant grinding they do at the poker tables. This particular challenge involves Phil Hellmuth (left) aka the Poker Brat and Rob Yong (right), the Dusk Till Dawn Casino owner. The ChallengeThe Poker Brat just got back from his first-time ever trip to Br[...]   Read more » Phil Hellmuth Challenged by Rob Yong to Five $100,000 Heads up NLHE Matches

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We have to admit that it is not easy to play heads up to a $ 100k buy in. With that money you can do many things and personally, i would not play this kind of game. If i had several million dollars i would prefer to donate a few hundred for children with problems, than playing with a professional like Phil Hellmuth.

Posted by Mober:
Phil helmuth is not a player that will "sign Up" for a game that can get him broke.
There are players with bad money management,a dn that is true.
And i am talking about the professional ones.
But for some reason i believe he know what he is doing.
And again, not that he will miss that money, And of course im not talking about the casino
owner. It must be a night's earnings for him, from the casino business Smile

you think phill will have 100% of himself... he will sell like 90% of it...

love to see some funny stories from some members!for this kind of players this is nothing and they wont kill themselves beacuse of this slot!for some person nothing is 10 $,for somebody nothing is 1000 $ and for this guys nothing is 100000 $,so this is something that all will enjoy!

He may sell, or he may not. You can never tell what is going on in these games.
So far the details of a professional player's game, regarding the action they are selling,
does not going public.
So everyone is making assumptions.
It may be the norm for some players, but for others not. Who knows.
Only if they make revelations Smile

Of course, for these poker monsters $ 100,000 is not a lot of money .... this is a lot of money for a lot of people, but not for these giants the poker industry .... but it would certainly be interesting to watch this ... as a game for big money always arouse interest .... especially for those who do not have this money ... ha ha ha

I do not have 500.000 dolllars and honest to be i'm not interested in seeing these games. The only ones who should do this are those who want to play live poker in casinos. They have to follow these games and to learn something. I think it's immature to look at something where you are not going to play. Blink

It is immature to watch these games? Really? Havent you ever watched a sports game,
for example soccer ? Are you going to play professionally soccer? No...
What kind way of thinking is this.
Most of the things we watch we cant do after all Smile and its not only poker games.
And this one must be one very interesting game, with the money and players that are involved.

they have millions on account,this money dont mean much for them and they can play this kind of games!for us 500 000 $ is very big amount,but for them isnt and ofcourse we dont think like they do and what would you do with this money,maybe something better,maybe worse!
its same thing how ronaldo come in some restaurant in london and pay bottle of wine 20000 e,ofcourse this isnt anything for him,but for us is big!

In any game with guaranteed prizes prizes are the same with small changes depending on how many players enroll in that game ( prizes are accounted for by a mathematical calculation ). About bounties is another thing, because here depends on the results of the players. Blink Here is five games with 100 k dollars but how much is the commission? Does anyone know this?

Not many british casino owners could say about themselves that they look and sounds like some bricklayer after a hard day's work shooting $hit in a local pub but I guess this guy could play some cards even when he does not look like it.

This guy if he lived in my country would immediately compare with an interlop, who deals only with felonies. Even if it is not, he has a merit. He can play with a professional poker player and can risk a lot of money. He is conscious that he can lose all 5 games.

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