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Elio Fox wins a partypoker POWERFEST event for $101,098

POWERFEST, partypoker's flagship series, runs from March 31 to April 14 with a huge $30 million GTD prizepool over 15 days of intense competitive poker. The competitive poker action and the awarding of tons of prizes continue with the past weekend being fruitful for those who have participated in partypoker's POWERFEST series. Powerfest #37-HR: $500K Gtd PKO 8-Max Date: April 7, 2019
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Elio Fox wins a partypoker POWERFEST event for $101,098  0   
Great return on a 2k buyin but if he just happened to be slightly below average in the bounty part of this game then he may not even scratch 80k from below... So the payout structure here is nothing to brag about to be honest... What do I know, though.

For that buy in the return was great.
And while the prize between second and first was only a couple of dollars,
literally, 41624 with 41675, the difference was made by the knock outs
and their bounties.
A great way to win a tournament with so much extra money Smile

Yea dont know how first and second places had almost same prize, differcen is only 51 dollars :O Also nice return for buy in, also dont know how MinusEve take only 5k bounties Sad I watched a little final table and I'm sorry my favorite GewoonBoef did not win this tournament.

Many congratulations to Elio Fox on winning this. This guy has been a phenom online for many years now and it is no surprise to see him winning this tournament. It must be nice to wake up the following day and see this in your balance!!

Second places had almost same prize but the difference is too big at the bounties. This reward has come to be higher than the prize and if we look closely at the top 8 players, the first place it has approximate than the rest of the players ( just a 2-3 k dollars less ). The tournament was a good one for top 8.

Yes like some people say this already i too see very big different numbers when you see moneys win for 1st and 2nd places and it is not so big, but 1st place finish guy earn very many more from bounties, more from bounties than from 1st place finish

Nope, I still think if not for the bounties the winner here probably got screwed hard prizewise - 20x return on your initial buyin as a first place payout is nothing to write home for, sorry but I just feel this way.

yes The results of this tournament are quite An interesting situation .... the first winner won almost the same prize as the 2 winner .... the situation is certainly quite interesting and unique .... it is clear that the difference in the prizes was adjusted Bounty winnings .. .. but still it happens infrequently .... and of course the win is very good .... Congratulations to the Winners

Is this odd? I guess that it is a bounty tournament there would be closer payouts but only $51 between 1st and 2nd? That doesn't sound right! The first prize ended up bveiung just 25 times the buy in! That doesn't sound brilliant either....good look Mr Fox was sly enough to knock out plenty of players and build his payout from bounties.

Usually the pay puts that are like this between top places or mostly first and second,
are after a deal has been made. I read the article twice to make sure Smile
but i didnt see anything about a deal.
So this is a first for me to see such payouts.
Knock out tournaments worth it if you can go deep...

No, its not deal. Almost on every bountie tournaments on PartyPoker is almost same prizes for first and second place. Check and you will see. Difference is only in few bucks. Thats stupid for me, and on heads up 2 guys play only for bounties Sad

I like these games with bounties. The first time when i played something like this was in sit and go games and i liked it a lot. Then they also introduced tournaments progressive KO. I have just reached a final table at a $ 4.40 game but more i did not succeed. However, these games are excellent.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Elio Fox wins a partypoker POWERFEST event for $101,098

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