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Chris Moorman wins $100,000 XL Blizzard Tune Up event at 888poker

The XL Blizzard tournament runs from April 4 to 14, 2019 at 888poker with 34 events featuring over $1.7 million in guaranteed prizes and buy-ins as low as $5.50! Let's take a look at one of the events so far that concluded in the past weekend. 888poker XL Blizzard #10 - $100,000 Tune Up Date: April 7, 2019 Buy-in: $160 Entries: 744 Prize pool: $111,600 The XL Blizzard #10 - $100,000[...]   Read more » Chris Moorman wins $100,000 XL Blizzard Tune Up event at 888poker

Chris Moorman wins $100,000 XL Blizzard Tune Up event at 888poker  0   
You cant say it is a tournament with a big buy in or a prize if that matters.
For that 160 USD the prize of a bit more than 21k looked nice,
but nothing extraordinaire Smile
And he is an 888 poker professional, so the glory stayed in the house by that win.
Not a bad promotion for them.

Yes, a series of such tournaments for 888 poker is being held now .... but tournaments are quite ordinary for large poker rooms .... maybe for 888 poker is something extraordinary ... but it seems to me if such tournaments were for example at PokerStars or at PartyPoker they would not report it as an incredible event

Many congratulations to Chris Moorman on winning this event. It must have given him extra pleasure to win as he is an ambassador on this site as well. Congratulations again to all the people who cashed

First three players are from UK Smile Good job from all of them, buy in was 160$ so prizes of 21k is not too bad. I also congratulate all the players who have managed to enter the final table. Gl

Nothing interesting here because to make a comparison we can say that: this series is very poor ( only $1 million and 700 k ), compared to 30 millions dollars of the Party Poker series. I do not understand this enormous difference because 888 Poker is a big room compared to others. Good game made by Chris Moorman if he managed to beat 538 players and to win this tournament.

Very good results for ambassador from 888 poker chris moorman, it is not easy to record good score when you are big name, because very many people what to take your scalp.
Also interesting main event half million in prize money guarantee and for not big 250 buyin

Hey this was a nice prizepool for a tournament with a size like this one. Somehow this aspect of the game gets overlooked when we supposed to celebrate results from similar sized tourneys (prizewise) which had ten times larger buyins for a start.

Of course, 538 players are not a very large number of players .... so it was probably much easier to become a winner in this tournament than to win, for example, in a tournament in which several thousand players are fighting for a prize .... but you still need to be a very good player because apparently in this tournament really good players were playing

The XL Blizzard is a nice promotion from 888poker and allows them to show off their new graphics, which I have to say i am not a huge fan of! Anyhow, the XL Blizzard is a promotion that many players can get into with the sate;;its structure at 888poker quite easy to navigate and get yourself into big games for little money.

They are having nice promotions in 888poker all the titme
and we cans see this here from the various threads that are being posted all the time.
And besides that, they have a nice series of tournaments, where you can get
a ticket with qualifiers, most of the times.
Many will chase a ticket for the 500k USD tournament, since the buy in says it is 250 usd Smile

Sure, the number of players is not very high but these players are not amateurs. I think Chris Moorman had a corridor much easier to the other players and of course when you are an ambassador, you have some advantages and that is a sure thing. This thing happens in all rooms. Blink

BankrollMob Forum » News » Chris Moorman wins $100,000 XL Blizzard Tune Up event at 888poker

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