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Cloudbet at 5: Who We Are & How We Got Here

Five years is an eternity in crypto. Since Cloudbet first launched, the landscape has changed countless times. One thing has been constant though, the community. Cloudbet is born How Cloudbet built trust Rewarding the early players What went wrong What the future holds These are the dates that made us. October 013 - Cloudbet is born - Bitcointalk makes the deliveryCloudbet took its [...]   Read more » Cloudbet at 5: Who We Are & How We Got Here

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Cloudbet at 5: Who We Are & How We Got Here  -1   
I'm happy because you can bet on the sport at Cloubet and this betting agency resists on the market for 6 years. Tens of millions of bets is a pretty good result and that means he lives very well in this industry. Bitcoin does not matter too much about this situation as long as there is currency conversion. Important is to win.

Have here account but still didnt make any bet. Idk why. Maybe because I do not understand how bitcoin works, and because I do not know how to buy bitcoin in my country. Anyway site is good, and I recommend everyone to make account on this site. Gl

Never realized maximum bets here were between 50 and 100 bitcoins - one could only wonder if anybody maxed these out (apart from the World Cup bets mentioned above) when one bitcoin was close to 20k last year...

5 years for cryptocurrency is really a very long time ... if Bitcoin survived such ups and downs in one year, then 5 years is generally a long time for cryptocurrencies ... Probably it was one of the first casinos to accept cryptocurrencies .... it's nice that he still works

I knew there were btc casinos of course, but didnt know that there were
ones with sports book also.
Quite a few years in the market, and yet i hadnt heard of them at all.
The impressive thing is that win with 160 BTC.
Wonder when that players converted the btc to usd. No matter what it was a
huge win for a slot.

Wonder how that player - with the slot win - have brought up the whole thing when he/she was doing taxes after that. You could say you exchanged btc's for money but what if they want to know how those btc's have gotten into your possesion especially if cloudbet does not have a local license there...

I guess it depends on your country of residence at the end.
It is just another gambling site. And there are countries like ours, banning all the sites
with no local vat number and registration.
If they are legal, they are just taxing your winnings and thats all.
If you are a regular high stakes player living out of the gamble, there is no point living
in a country like this, from the moment you can support yourself, from the gambling itself.

I personally not interested to have cryptocurrency so to me it is not place to play. but I think for people who play from bitcoin it is good place and now open for long time - six years and have many customers. also good to read that they talk about bad things and not only all good.

There are lots and lots of players playing with cryptocurrency.
And if it goes up again, then more will follow and try their luck with it,
in any form they can. Including playing in a casino.
And it has made a small leap lately. It went from 4k to 5k USD and now balances
at 5300 USD. Good news and hoping to go even higher Smile

Years pass very quickly and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has resisted on the market. Probably will resist in the future but will decrease as value. Honestly, i did not use this bitcoin until now, but i hope that i will use it in the future. All I need is to play in a casino, poker room or betting house that accepts this.

Posted by CALICUL:
Years pass very quickly and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has resisted on the market. Probably will resist in the future but will decrease as value.

Well, now it's worh 5k but a couple weeks ago was close to 3k and year or two ago was over 15k - I would not say with confidence that it will keep it's value on the long run.

There is still money on it.
And from what is see the mining keeps going normally for most of them.
Although with that drop, many have stopped making profit, if you take in money
the expenses on the electrical bill Smile
But if it starts rising again, they will plug them once more.
Gambling sites like this, still have a future.

There will always be something to their advantage when it comes to foreign exchange transactions with all sorts of money. Those who own the world banks will always do something what will be for their benefit. It will never be in our favor, if we do not take action. Smile

There are already banks involved in crypto coins transactions.
But still the whole thing, hasnt been touched, like many countries and governments
would like to.
Perhaps due to the fact that the price has dropped so much, and the game
has become less lucrative.
In the future if the price goes to crazy levels again, we will see them itching again Smile

No matte what, gambling sites offering cryptocoins have nothing to worry about.
The game is still on Smile

Banks are involved in cryptomonade transactions because they bring a good profit. There is a bank that refuses the money of customers? I do not believe when these coins bring money. In the future their value may increase but not too much because competition is big.

Banks involved into the cryptocurrency world, for their own benefit so far.
Meaning that there is no connection with their customers.
All the transactions are free from taxes so far, and as they sat they cant be tracked Smile
On another note, the news are getting better since bitcoin is almost at 6k again today,
after quite some time Smile

I am going to open an account at Cloudbet today. Good luck to everyone playing.

in Russia, there is a problem with bitcoins ... they want to pass a law so that bitcoin wallets are deprived of anonymity ... it's certainly just a mess ... bitcoins assumed anonymity from the very beginning .... And now in my country they want to deprive people of this. .. allegedly to fight terrorism .... It seems to me that this is absolutely wrong and unfair Aww crap!

And as always, no matter what you think, they will do what ever thy think is the best for them.
They want to control everything and not only your country, so anonymity,
is out of the question.
It wouldnt be a surprise, if at some point in the future anonymity will be over for all
the crypto coins. Cause they are not only after bitcoins...

It's nice to have Bitcoin everywhere and after that to be strong solar storms that would damage the cryptocurrency network and the players to be very upset. I would like to see this because i do not like these coins. I would have liked to be a single cryptocurrency in the whole world but unfortunately there are more and this thing bothers people at calculations.

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