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I entered in the Pokerstars software today and i see some freerolls with seats in SCOOP tournaments. It's worth to trying your luck if you are not busy today. Who knows what surprise you will produce. For me is tempting at this moment.

Is it good play freeroll like that ? PS 's freeroll really bad for me, especially shoot up..never pass first phase Sad Anyway if feeling lucky why don't play MTT ? we free use the money if win. Just for joking let's play the freeroll Smile

Since you are talking about a pokerstars freeroll, the number of entrants must be in thousands.
Several thousands Smile
But it does worth trying your luck if you have the time.
A free ticket is always a free ticket, with a chance to win some big money.
Good luck to all the ones trying.

Last week and today were a lot of tournaments. Members of this site, they do not want to play in freerolls games? I think there are enough players who played in these games. It's a chance to qualify for a good tournament with zero cents or with few rebuys. Do not tell me that you do not like these games. Confused

The entrants are thousands , but still it's a freeroll , or better a freebuy .

If you succeed in accumulating many chips and get to top 200 , you can add on and you have some decent chances to win .
Plus , if the enrants and rebuys are too many , the winning tickets are morethan 10 or 3 , or even some places win some money .
Moreover , if you're that extra lucky and accumulate more than 40k chips or you have a very good fold/call/shove chart-strategy , you don't have to add-on , you'll do just fine

That was my friend. A lot of rebuy tournaments and beautiful tournaments. A few days in a row was a lot of games and today the same. It's important if you win a seat and then make money, but of course it's very hard. Hard but not impossible.

this are just too big tournaments/freerolls and you need to spend to much time for almost nothing!I know that you get on end free ticket,but come on!from 5000 players or more,you have to be in first three!I dont say,its free chance for lot of players,but come on,only top three gets tickets!

No matter how long a tournament like this takes, it does worth your time.
You can win a very good ticket for absolutely nothing.
Of course in order to overcome all this huge player filed, it must be one
of your most lucky days playing poker.
But you never know with this game Smile Good luck getting them tickets Smile

Yes, but think that there are a lot of young people who lose a lot of hours each day to play in freerolls tournaments. I also played in a few games and the number of players is pretty big. They are crazy to play what is free and they hope for luck. Smile

Yeah I am kinda the same with these - really not liking waste my time on something like this I would do them only if I am really bored. Even if the price is right these kinda tournaments does not amount to anything for me, just a headache...

I started my poker game with Pokerstars ..... But over time, I left the other more interesting poker rooms .... I hope that you will get what you want and in the end ... the game on PokerStars will cause you only positive emotions .... Good luck in the game

I am in agreement and in disagreement at the same time if it is worth playing those free I agree because they are free there is no cost in playing them but it takes too much luck to be able to win a ticket and it could be a big waste of time I think it is has more possibilities with the challenge of the 200 billions that in turn you win a ticket for that tournament but I repeat it´s free is not lost nothing just time and maybe the luck is on your side

Recently, I occasionally see on the PokerStars website a $ 2,000 tournament so unusual for PokerStars. Usually they make some unthinkable conditions even for $ 50. And then $ 2,000 that day is playing something extraordinary, maybe PokerStars has changed its policy regarding free tournaments .

It is rare indeed hearing about a good freeroll in poker stars.
It is too long now, since poker stars and full tilt had good regular freerolls.
The one with the 200k was out of the ordinary.
In terms of players and prize money.
And the payouts for the top places was something to remember Smile

you can imagine what kind of play is at this freerolls,where you have 5000 players and you have freeroll on every hour or two,cant remember now!all in on start as much as you like,beacuse you dont lose anything and you need to collect lot of chips if you want to be in top three!you need to so much time for playing this freerolls!

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