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Was there ever a Neteller payout option? directed at admin  0   
Its long time ago, since i draw money from this site,i cant remember was there an option for Neteller, coz in the options u just have SKRILL and party, but it also says if u want to transfer money on Neteller we need your registered e-mail account, so im confused a little, how i transfer money to Neteller? How do i specify that my transfer its aimed at Neteller?

they removed option for neteller from last year,beacuse there was problem with payouts on that site from neteller side and when they couldnt pay few member,they closed that option!

Yes there was a neteller option, but as stated it was removed some time ago,
due some problems.
I did check the payout page and there is indeed the info you are giving, about neteller.
Obviously they have not removed the text yet from the page.
Probably they missed that one Smile

maybe they will back this option,but for now its sure that is gone!they have problems with them and when they cant solve it,then its best to removed option for cashout!maybe this is problem for some members and they like more neteller instead of skrill,but thats how it is for now!

Those who were transferring through Neteller, they have to suffer now, if they do not have Skrill and Party Poker. It's hard for you but i hope that BRM will find solutions or Neteller will be introduced again. It's a decision that affects a lot.

Skrill and Neteller are owned by the same parent company now, so one can link both accounts, and can transfer money between them (at least it was possible two years ago) if both e-wallets are active in your country.

Yes there is still that option, to transfer from one to another, at least for me so far.
But it is not one without fees.
I believe they should have made the whole thing without fees,
or using a fixed low amount for each transaction. Not using a percentage,
of the transferred money. And if you have ever made the mistake of having neteller,
in one currency and skrill on another, then that is a huge mistake Smile

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