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What taxes do you have in your country? I know they vary from one country to another. If you playing and win big money in poker, it's ok to be interested in taxes. You can ask for advice if you are not clear from this point of view. I am very curious what percentage you have.

In Germany it is between 14 and 42 percent. and with a good tourney win one will fall into the highest bracket quite easily. Should be quite similar in most of western Europe. There is a reason why a lot of players that made it to the final table of the main event had changed their location, before the final table was played in November.

Here in Sweden, all luck-based games are free from taxes. And for some strange reason, lucky for me tho, poker is considered to be a game of luck. So all of my winnings can be cashed out without me having to worry about paying any taxes at all.

Everything is getting taxed here. Even the poker winnings.
They are having a scheme, where you are getting taxed according to your daily winnings.
The calculation is according to a daily basis, 24hrs.
Everything up to 100 euro is fee of tax. Above that the tax is 15% till the amount of
500 euro. After the 500 euro the tax goes up to 20%.
But it works like this.
If for example you have won 700 euro in 24 hrs, the first 100 is free.
Then the rest of the 400 (up to 500) will be taxed with 15% and the remaining of 200 euro
will be taxed with 20%.

I think that we also dont have tax on this kind of winning in some other country and when we want to transfer money on bank account!we have taxes in country on winnings in sports betting and national lottery things,but when you transfer money from foreign taxes or you win something in domestic casino there is tax free,so probably nobody would take tax when you win something on big poker tournament!

In Romania, starting January 1, 2019, players have to pay a tax on vice 2% for each amount of money which he bets or deposits and after that earnings are taxed with 1%, 16% and 25% depending on the earnings amounts during one year. It's great to have a law like in Sweden, is a wonderful law. Smile As I see here, taxes vary from country to country and with different decisions in daily, quarterly or yearly fees.

The way ot goes, all countries at the end will introduce a new taxation system
regarding the gambling.
After all this is where the road leads, with what is going lately all over the planet.
Perhaps some luck ones will avoid this, but still more countries will follow.
More sources to get money from, and they will let it go? Smile

Canada we dont pay taxes on any lotto type/gambling wins

Yea i know that, it has been mentioned here before.
But for how much longer Smile

I am still happy that they didnt make same rules in every country of EU and that every country can decide by her,will she make taxes or not!it would be very bad for me that they make taxes on gambling from foreign sites or gambling in local casino!

Unfortunately, those who lead us no longer saturate to steal us. They always want to raise taxes and add others. These decisions affect a lot and is not norma,l because people are the most affected. All charges should be acceptable and the gaming industry to be happy with as much money he wins.

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