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It seems a lot of US members can't cash out their points and just now we had some strong words from one of those members. Now, I don't approve of that at all but I can understand how some people May be annoyed with this.

First off all, remember that points are just a bonus from BRM, they don't have to pay us anything if they don't want to. Be greatful that they are so generous!

Anyway, I know a few sites that has had issues paying their US members and they started using a processor called AirTM. I haven't used it myself but it seems to be working. Maybe that could be a solution for BRM so you'll be able to pay your US members the BONUS MONEY they earned?

It could be a useful method if BRM agrees with this thing. American users do not complain in connection with any withdrawal, but here is a exception who has problems to receive his money. His name is Robsspot3131 and a suitable solution is the most appropriate.

I bet that brm is familiar with all the payment systems that exist so far.
Now it is up to them if the want to implement a new payment processing system or not.
There might be options, but that doesnt mean that they can work as brm wants to.
It is a business and they have to choose and use the ones that is best for them.
At the end you cant please them all... and not brm's fault with what is going on with usa players.

What is happening in Sua is something else, but that man did not understand this and cursed in the other thread. There is a way to recover the money but it only needs to be implemented. If BRM agree it could directly make bank transfer to the users' account. Smile

Why would they go to such a length, to accommodate a couple or few of players ?
Have you ever seen a single site, keep changing or adding new payment processors,
so that they can please every single customer of theirs? Of course not.
This cant happen.
It is a business running under specific lines, and it is as it is.

It's not like you say. A poker room must have any connection with any deposit that her client has chosen. BRM he can look for a solution, for the users to be able to withdraw his money. With Sua is something else because their law, probably does not allow people to withdraw money from different sites. Confused

Well, I wouldn't expect that this change would come easy or anything. I was just providing a suggestion for BRM staff to look into as I have personally seen other sites who had issues paying US members, and they started offering that platform as a payment method and was actually able to pay all of their customers, not just the US ones.

Besides, I think it's somewhat ignorant to say "to accommodate a couple or few of players". I mean, the US alone has almost as many people as every single country of Europe has put together. That is a HUGE amount of customers, both current and future.

In any case, this was just an FYI about this possible solution, I couldn't care less as I can use both PartyPoker and Skrill as far as I know.

Of course, this is a very unpleasant situation and it seems to me that all the people of this poker community should be equal .... but it turns out that according to the laws some people get some advantages which is completely wrong .... I hope that in time all this will disappear and in in the end everything will be fine

ofcourse its not good situation for all members,but on other side you must understand members from america!you can take no deposit offer from site,you can play mob games,you can earn points from posts,but then you cant make cashout ?!ofcourse then everybody should have same rights!

Everyone must have equal rights but it depends on the laws of each country. The Bankroll Mob always pays but can not get involved where the law does not allow this. If Sua has restrictions in this regard, then BRM is not guilty with anything. That is and nothing can be done.

I have just updated myself on the progress of the other thread on this. I don’t think there is any chance on this little earth of ours, while the sun still shines and the moon still glows, that BRM will be developing an option to cashout in these circumstances. I think the use of excessively abusive language may be an issue!

For this situation, the best solution to the situation would be any option for transferring members of the site from the United States for those people would be an additional option that they could use. It would be absolutely true to see how the situation develops possible. The site administration will meet American players.

I dont see the ignorance ere. We all know what has happened with usa and online poker.
How many sites are there out there accepting players from usa?
And see it the other way, how many offers here or another site are valid for us players ?
So i believe that for the moment there are not that many us players.
And how many times have you joined a site, and asked for them to change things,
because they dont suit you?
Should i be joining a site that does not accept greek players, and ask them to let me play? ...

you are talking about USA rules and that payouts are same for every member at BRM and that is correct,but thing is that this points that we collect at BRM are not from gambling!we get points for posts and mob calendar,so its not same!

The conclusion is only one and is correct. Government of Sua has made this law and there is nothing to be done. American users of this site can not withdraw funds, until another law will favor that. Until then they can not do anything and BRM is correct.

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