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Dan "Jungleman" Cates celebrates Cannes Cash Game Win with Playboy Bunny Party

Rumored to have won an undisclosed amount at a cash game this weekend in the French city of Cannes, Dan "jungleman" Cates celebrated his victory by surrounding himself with nude Playboy-style bunnies! This kind of party is something that the likes of Dan Bilzerian would do, so it's quite a new sight for the poker community to see a different fun-loving side to JunglemanDan. Being surrounded b[...]   Read more » Dan "Jungleman" Cates celebrates Cannes Cash Game Win with Playboy Bunny Party

Dan "Jungleman" Cates celebrates Cannes Cash Game Win with Playboy Bunny Party  0   
It is normal for some persons to succeed in life and to have some fun with nice girls. This is not illegal
and you can have fun as you like. If you have money, you do not have to stay locked in the house. Life must be lived and is nothing wrong here. He is young and has to spend some money with girls.

Absolutely great news to get a prize surrounded by very beautiful girls. This is certainly a dream of many of us. At least my dream is that I think that such tournaments are quite interesting and attractive just for girls, it seems to me that it would be great to have more such tournaments.

He its trying to be the new Dan bilzerian, but naahh, he will never be like Dan, Cause dan really knows how to make a party, that girls are just pretending to enjoy the party,

Now this is the way to celebrate!!! It's nice to see these big time poker players unwinding and letting their hair down. I do not see the point of winning all that money without spending it as well

that's what I call preparation before a tournament, it reminded me of a statement I read from George Best, one of the greatest soccer players in history who said "I spent most of my fortune on women and alcohol; the rest, I wasted it ", good for Jungleman, I hope it goes well in Montenegro this week.

Greetings and please excuse my English

Well, i dont see anything interesting in this article.
The only thing it would have been, was to know how much he won in the game.
The funny thing is that people like him go and advertise things like that,
while you can say he isnt even rich.
What rich people should do, if he acts like this?

Nice if you can afford it or want it but can see that this kind of publicity can go one of two ways for the ' jungleman and will probably go both ways. There will be those who are jealous and would like some of this and those who think it is a very antiquated sexist approach to glorifying oneself by being surrounded by naked women.

I love a naked woman very much so for me this tournament is of course just wonderful and wonderful // // of course now there are various feminist organizations that are against the exploitation of women But if the woman doesn’t mind being exploited .... I don’t see any problems with that. ... It seems to me that this is a bust

wow this is fantastic way to celebrate win of money, of course win is nice but a lot better way to win and then have so many beautiful naked ladies to have some good time with you Smile he is very lucky guy. he he new dan Bilzerian, I see some crazy pictures about dan Bilzerian, this is also good but only one

Dude is living the LIFE, and anybody who would criticize him about this marketing venture never had the option to blow a truckload of money on a dozen playboy bunnies let alone get in close proximity to them in the first place.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Dan "Jungleman" Cates celebrates Cannes Cash Game Win with Playboy Bunny Party

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