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Your Road to the 50th WSOP in Vegas Starts Here!

Wanna go to Vegas?

As official sponsor of the world’s biggest poker event, 888poker has amazing $2,700 WSOP Crazy 888s Event packages up for grabs EVERY DAY! Packages cover buy-in, travel, and hotel expenses, plus your chance to strike it BIG.
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Step 1:
Win any hand with a pocket-pair of 8s, or three 8s, or four 8s in our cash games or tournaments between 19/05/2019 and 29/05/2019.
Step 2:
Get a ticket to the $2,700 WSOP Crazy 888s package freeroll!
Step 3:
Play for your chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime package.
Play with the best – there’s nothing like it!
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Cash games: Min 5¢ bb. Post flop hands only. Tournaments: Min $1 buy-in · Crazy 8s side event package (value: US$2,700) includes 3 nights at the Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas; US$888 Crazy 888 Event Tournament buy-in; US$1,000 for travel & expenses

It is s good promotion from 888poker giving away another package,
but the chances are not big winning it.
Winning a hand with some combo of eights is the first trick.
Not easy since you have to win the hand also, but after that you will have to win the tournament,
which probably awards only once package, in other words you will have to win the
tournament Smile
But with these requirements, it wont have too many entrants in the first place \.
Good luck to all the ones participating.

I understand there are more opportunities to get to Las Vegas and fortunately you can try in other poker rooms, to qualify for major tournaments in this serie of world series of poker. It's important to be ambitious and you can produce a surprise and to visit a famous city of North America.

in this promotions,its not all about money and buy in,you must have some luck to hit 88 in hand or more on table!with that hand you will get ticket for freeroll and they you will need to play it and maybe to win main prize!good luck for all who will play this nice event!

For the ones grinding in the site, ot will be easier to win an entry to the freeroll,
chasing that combo with the eights.
Although for some it may cost, trying to win the hand with them eights,
ending up losing the hand Smile
And that is the easy part, if you can say so. The hard part is to win the freeroll to get the package.

I received the same letter from 888 poker .... the offer is quite tempting, but all you have to do is to play and try to defeat the eight in your opponent's hand ... it is easy enough to do this just have a little patience and enough money on your account to use it a sentence .... but I have no money now so I pass by

I want to go to Vegas too.
But why am I suddenly feel like that I would have a better chance accomplishing it if I buy a planeticket and reserve a hotel room for myself instead trying to achieve all of these via playing poker...
Could take some time either way...
Agree Blink Big Smile

I also would like to got at least one time in las vegas in my life,but till they have this kind of rules with visa and everything,I dont want to go anywhere in america!I dont want to spend my whole day,to go on interview in capital city and to see what kind of visa he will give me or will not!

I think that anyone would like to go to las vegas either to play poker there and also to be able to know that place, although all the movies that I see always end up all dry or peeled by the casino hahaha but good hope one day I can go to know that place although this lejitos Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Posted by dule-vu:
I dont want to spend my whole day,to go on interview in capital city and to see what kind of visa he will give me or will not!

It used to be harder to get Visa because their background checks were too long but now when everything is online you only need to prove you going there as a tourist and you will get it just fine.

as I know you still need to go in embassy on interview,if you work you need to take free day,to pay 160 $ before interview and to make online reservation!so its not just easy!maybe you will get visa without problems,but you cant know for sure!its up to them,so thats why I dont like this kind of way that americans work!

a visa for a trip to the United States and it used to be quite difficult for Russians .... but now when the United States is in confrontation with Russia I think that getting a visa seems to me almost impossible for ordinary people .... Of course if you have money can be solved by money ... But for ordinary people, everything is sad

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