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Simon Mattsson scores over $215,000 at partypoker $30M Gtd KO Series event

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Posted on 21 May 2019 by "T".
A Swedish poker player in his mid-20s became partypoker's biggest online winner on May 19, taking home more than $215,000 after around 12 hours of play. $30M Gtd KO Series KO Series #27-Super High Roller: $1M Gtd Championship Event Schedule: May 19, 2019 (Sunday) at 6pm CEST Buy-in: $5,200 Entrants: 198 ITM: 32 Simon Eric Mattsson, who goes by the online moniker "HellmuthTheGr8", en[...]   Read more » Simon Mattsson scores over $215,000 at partypoker $30M Gtd KO Series event

Simon Mattsson scores over $215,000 at partypoker $30M Gtd KO Series event  0   

It is incredible the amount of offers but it is also incredible the amount of processes that are carried out to obtain one I hope to get a chance to play in one of their tournaments aver if I leave below I would like to have the opportunity to win congratulations to the player

A very lucky player. The bounties prize is very huge and the total amount won by Simon Mattsson is a consistent one. Swedish gamblers were in shape at this tournament with 3 players in the top 4. A game with a big buy-in, at which many players dream to win. Smile

its not so common that we situation like this,where winner take much more money on bounties,then from regular prize pool!when you see what other players made,that say all!it was big buy in for online players,but still 198 entrants!very nice for this young player!

And this is another reason, why the knock out games worth playing,
especially when reaching top positions.
He won more from the bounties, than the prize for the first place Smile
And it is a great return of course for the buy in he invested of 5200 usd.
What a choice for a nickname in party poker Smile

once again, the young player won the tournament ... as it seems to me now poker is more well played by young people ... of course Old School also has weight in poker .... but still young people win most of the tournaments .... this is of course a wonderful win .... 215,000 dollars a good amount for any person

Yes of course it is interesting to read that do young poker players win many money, maybe it is new victor blom because he too from sweden, funny to read his screenname HellmuthTheGr8at, maybe in this situation this young guy played tournament better thsn real phill hellmuth

It does not matter that he is young because these players are often very aggressive and they succed to win many pots with bluffs. Remember by Isildu1 as it did millions of dollars in a record time. There are young players who have adapted very well with this game and they have talent.

Thirty million dollars guaranteed are sounding nice but on this tournament the prizepool was not even close to that - since the whole series have this big of a gtd amount so the title for this article is a bit misleading. Congrats to the guy btw.

This is just a game. The series includes tournaments with 30 millions of dollars prizes. It's not just a single game and these are a good game of all, but a good one. Think of the fact that only the entrance cost 5200 dollars and with that money i could buy a good second-hand car or i could have done many things. But these people preferred to play poker with good money and the winner won a little fortune.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Simon Mattsson scores over $215,000 at partypoker $30M Gtd KO Series event

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