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Cash Hours are back at Party except this time it's Fast Forward  0   
Hello there Mobsters!!

So guys I just realized this promotion is back already, they announce each hour on facebook and twitter before they hit so if you check often you won't miss them. Raking 1 cent is really easy so it's basically free money with small chance to win a big prize. Basically, a free lotto ticket!!

Good luck with this promo guys

There is also a thread in the latest news section where you will see what you need to do that. It is a beautiful promotion and at the end of it, if you win a satisfactory prize it is very good. It is a very nice sum which will change the players' bankrolls. It will be good for the winners.

interesting news ... I heard about this for the first time .... if this happens then I probably should subscribe to PartyPoker on Facebook and Twitter to get some prizes too .... pretty strange Although I am subscribed to receive news from For some reason, PartyPoker is a promotion I see here, but I didn’t receive any letters from PartyPoker about this promotion.

yeah ty ThemechanicQC for info that looks super amazing tho , as u said raking 1 cent is super easy with a chance to win big , will keep eyes on social media , partypoker always reward their players with super nice promos ole ole ole
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

It is obvious that not every time you have to register somewhere and if you play in this promotion, you can earn a sum of money after she finishes. Sometimes you have to become a subscriber and sometimes not. It matters that you play in that room and you are a member.

I noticed that they stopped announcing the cash hours on face-book but they still announce them on twiter for some reason.

It's hard to catch them if you don't know when they are... I'm guessing they want to reward active players more but still even if I was playing on the site I probably wouldn't think about checking my promotions tab every hour. FB does reach a lot of people!!

... Big Smile< ....There wasn't one yesterday until 7:00pm Eastern time. I checked FB and Twitter every hour
until the 5:00 hour... The one time I didn't check was in the 6:00pm hour for the 7:00pm game,...and missed out... Confused

... Big Smile< ...As for winnings... I have played 18 of them buying in for $2, getting the point, and usually leaving with a little profit on the game itself, then pocketing the scratchcard amounts...

After 18 buy ins at $2,....I am up .38c,.....BUT I have won exactly $30 from the scratchcards , the .38c for a total to date of $30.38 profit... Smile Dollar Thumbs Up

Good Luck guys...!

Anybody win big yet...?

You need to be more insistent if you want a bigger profit Demodawggy. The more you play, the more chances you have to win some extra good money. You have to choose some good games and to be ambitious. There is no way back, if you want money.

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