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Hi everybody ,

first of all i have to say that i asked for not less than 6 free no deposit bonus before without any problm ... and for pacific poker here is the email i received :

Date 12/9/2008 3:47:10 PM (GMT)
From BankrollMob
Subject Your Pacific Poker request has been initially rejected

The ID documents uploaded to BankrollMob when you created your account, has not been accepted by Basically this can have a number of reasons like blurry picture / erased information (some people cross out their eyes, or some of the information in the ID before uploading the ID) or similar.

If you want to make use of the free 888 bonus, you have to send an e-mail with your ID docs (drivers license or passport) including all relevant information (do not cross anything out) to [email protected] and they will then give us notice if the docs is OK so we can approve the bonus.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but these are the requirements of

Best Regards,

So , i send my ID docs to the support "[email protected]" and i use the live chat support and they told me that they dont understand what i am looking for , they dont know what is "bankrollmob"

so WHAT ???????????????
Confused Confused Confused

someone can tell me what to do PLEASE ? Worship

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I don't think you can expect their livechat to know what's going on, they can't know of *any* deal their affiliate managers make with sites like BRM.

Just try and send to that e-mail address again, and perhaps include the email from us.

sonds like a bit of a mix up.
if they stopped you bonus surly they'll know why you need to show ID, try talking to the manager at 888,
if BRM have released $$$ before i wouldnt think the problems at there end...
get onto 888 and ask if you dont need to show ID they can release you $$ ..
peace Cool

sounds a bit strange since you only have to send in your ID if you cash out, sometiems you even dont have to.
are you sure its the right emailaddy ? it should be as far as i know.

No, for the pacific offer they need to MAKE SURE that the users are old enough to receive the no deposit bonus, and legal etc etc. Lots of stuff, I think it might have to do with them having shareholders or something.

ok i will post here when i got some news

and ... peace , indeed ... peace Big Smile

i contacted live chat support 5mn ago , and always the same answer : wait !


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I think that pacific poker has more tighter rules with photo resolution than BRM. If i remember correctly someone had similar problem few months ago and after resending the photo it all worked out fine in the end.

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