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BIGDOLLARCASINO has a beautifully developed layout. Its a very sleek high definition place to easily navigate. The genius workflows of coding made speedy software that felt like a luxury. Upon winning a ticket to: BankRollMob Christmas Slots Tournament at BIGDOLLARCASINO Early this morning i grabbed a free bonus and headed to practice their slots. It turned out a smooth experience with great support. I played through the $25 bonus and met the 45x $1500 playthrough able to cash out 4x the bonus along with make even on the $25 promo. Cashed out 100 to BTC and here to share the experience. Thumbs Up Diamond

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It's nice when you win something from free bonuses or promotions. Any amount of money, from $ 100 up, it is good to retire when you need it. With this money i buy 100 beers and if i go to the supermarket i get 130. Smile Are very good for December... Congratulations for your win.

dont know is this only advertisment for this casino or this is real win!because its new member,from USA,first and only post and its for some casino and big win without any deposit!bit strange,but if its not,then congratulations on this win!would like some other proof about it!

If it is good when you win something or a prize or a nice ticket for some event of the free throws or plays that you get, I think I only had 1 time only luck in that kind of thing, but hey there is still a lot of time left for delnate so I hope to have more luck in this new year Santa Claus Santa Claus Santa Claus

you are one of the few who are able to met the ridiclious playthrough bonus
45x $1500 is insane , i am just glad that you made it and it is actually possible
congrats on your winnigs man , get me some of your luck in slots
i only been able to get less than 1% on my playthrough bonus then i lose it all
it seems bonuses were made only to get you addicted Big Smile

I don't recommend this casino, he is blacklisted on Askgamblers. I withdraw once but hardly, after 10days, I would never play again. If you play without deposit they will delete your winning.

Well it is nice ashing out a free bonus of course, but what peronibar is saying is true.
There is not reason risking your money, by depositing is sites with no valid license.
you can easy lose your deposit for quite a few reasons in other casinos that have
a license, let alone in one that doesnt Smile
Well done for your win.

if you have help from some member who is at this site for so many years,like peronibar is,then maybe best thing is to listen him and to stay away from this site!he gave lot of evidence for them,even he had cashout,but ofcourse its up to every member where he will invest money!

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