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can anyone chase up my party poker bonus. its been over a week now. Fisherman132

The bonuses take some time to get through. And the party poker one,
is not from the fast ones Smile
Since it is just one week, just relax and wait for it.
You should consider also that this is one of the worst periods of the year for requesting
a bonus due to holiday, leaves etc.

Good morning,

We hope to pay everyone this week. Sorry for the delay.

BRM Admin

I don't understand why players are so desperate to get different bonuses or money faster. There is another user, who ask when he will receive the money. This is below my dignity and it is shameful to be in a hurry and to receive those gifts fast. Sometimes it takes a while and you don't have to be upset.

why is it shamefull? is that an insult?
I am a player on a different site ….I signed up to party poker with the promise of a bonus. for me its a matter of principle

principle is very important in life

don't sit on your high horse looking down at me saying it is below your dignity...that's just bad manners and theres no dignity in that

No men. It's not insulting but you have to be patient. These prizes are offered and we don't have to be precipitated. We are mature people, not children. Waiting can take hours, days or several weeks in some cases like cash money. Depending on luck. Succes with your games.

I play with small stakes
I ask a question
I get the answer
I continue playing.....simple

you could just answer the question or ignore it. who are you to complain about peoples business.

You are the one who crying, not me. I just answered your question because this forum it's for that. I think your age is a mature man, but i don't understand a thing: Why don't you have a dialogue like a normal man with question and answer? When i said the other user was not about you. I forgot to mention that...

no I had the answer to the question yesterday from mober. look at your post pal.
no crying from me....just insulting from you. its clear to see in the thread.

you are trying to say you answered my question and you didn't. you say I am crying too...where is this? you are making things up and looking stupid in the process.

I told you it's not insulting. I talked about few users who are always in a hurry to ask fast for prizes. This is not normal because the admnin's from this site have a lot of work to do. We have to think about other things because this site has many users. Too many and it's hard to moved quickly. Another thing:
Don't be upset because Sir Thomas gave you the answer.

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