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Really crankmuppet, it was offering here? what a shame! I´m registered at the end of 2016 and I miss all the threads and the answer that Bank Roll Mob surely will have given. But, any way, you have the reason about the new sites!. And bowie, as I told here, I register in Duck Poker a few years before my register in BRM. Some money deposited and some won, but I don´t understand why the money that I would have won in freerolls never was mine?

Trustworthy poker site is for sure 888poker , for your withdrawals , also with the deposit money you have many offers and good games or satellites for these games to invest this money there .
Partypoker/bwin is another great trustworthy choice to play
Other rooms is the well known PokerStars , also ACR , I haven't heard any problems with the withdrawals with these sites (ACR also has good promotions/series/freerolls , and pokerstars great value of tournaments , but bad rakeback , too many regs , not many freerolls for such a great poker site ) .

It's very important your withdrawals to be processed and paid out , when they create obstacles and problems everytime , unsolved , unexplained , when you try to withdraw , it's a warning or clear sign they are scam sites .

I lost only once my deposit in the far past , very small indeed , in Duck poker (along with the freeroll winnings and winnings from some sngs which only Duckpoker had and that they had told me I had to play to generate enough rake and then be paid the freeroll winnings ) Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! .
Scammers , not even my deposit or the sngs games winnings that I played with my deposit they refused to pay me despite sending them screenshots of the specific wins , saying I had to free the freeroll money first that I had won and then I can withdraw all moneythat I had in my account . I told them I don't want the freeroll money , just give me the rest of my money , my deposit and the sng winnings , they refused ............. I won more than 100euros in freeroll money , I had to earn them the same amount if I remember correctly . omegalul . Complete Scammers . Not trusting again in the future sites based in Cyprus , lol
Anyway , this story is old now .

Also in two sites the colloured scanned id image document that I send them was not accepted , they wanted a picture/photograph of it , or a picture of me holding it . WOW , they didn't even wait untill I first make the deposit and then tell me this crap , degenerate scammers , lol .

That's why I trust for deposits only well known sites , like Partypoker/bwin, 888poker , Pokerstars , Full tilt in the past , etc . For the others I want to read good reviews , hear only good thing about their withdrawals , wait for other players of various forums to exprress their satisfaction or displease for problems that thay faced there

gl everyone Smile


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