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I don't understand the PKO system on 888poker  0   
As title say, i don't understand what are they doing. On pokerstars i play lots of PKO ( Progressive KO ) tournaments and it's easy, you KO some1, let's say he have $1 bounty on his head, you get $1 in your account right away + increase your own bounty with $0.5.
Well, i just played a $1.10 PKO on 888poker, had 10 KOs with bounty from $ 0.5 to $2.18. Got out in 28th place out of 505 players. They doesn't give you the bounty right away, only after you finish the tourney. Should have got $8.42 + $1.92 for the 28th place. instead i got $4.35 + $1.92. So that's why i got confused. I tried to see on their site about the PKO system, but couldn't find and if i sent them an email, probably will get a response in like 1-2 weeks since their customer service isn't that great as you know.
I kept tracking this one, cause i've played last week a $2.20 PKO, with 21 KOs and from what i knew, i should have got like $65-$70 from KOs and $5-$6$ from 24th place. but i got around $39 or something.
I see that they give 50% of their bounty and add 50% of that on your bountty, but i don't see why.... It's progressive KO and it should be like on pokerstars.
Any one with an aswer pls?

Thank you and have a nice day / night and GL. Worship

I didn't play these tournaments but i read this: Each player is given a reward.
50% of the player's buy-in finances the initial reward placed on his head.
50% of the buy-in goes to the prize fund.
Players knock out their opponents to win half the cash reward placed on their heads.
The other half is added to the reward placed on the player's head.
Bounty tournaments:
Bounty is a feature present at some poker tournaments that rewards players who eliminate an opponent. Sometimes there is a certain player to be eliminated, while others can be anyone. The reward is usually in the form of a cash bonus. Here the amount is not specified ...
Or maybe i didn't look for more details.

I don't know because I don't frequent this tournies but I am pretty sure your missing money went towards the overall prizepool on these...
But just to be sure you should give their support a call, or email them or get on livechat so they could tell you the exact structure of the money distribution on these...

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