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Poker Players Mourn Loss of NBA Champ Kobe Bryant

The year 2020 should be a year of new beginnings, but nobody thought that this week, the world lost one of the most famous icons in the basketball world, and he's just at his early 40s - it's kinda ironic since there goes a saying "Life begins at 40", right? January 26, 2020, Sunday was supposed to be a day filled with adrenaline-pumping competition on a basketball court. Instead it was a day tai[...]   Read more » Poker Players Mourn Loss of NBA Champ Kobe Bryant

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didnt know that koby played at WSOP,no matter this was for honot of lakers owner and he had his knee injury!this was nice move from him!and about this poker players,dont know what to say!almost nobody didnt know him,but in todays world everybody love to write something on facebook or twitter!

It is a very sad thing and helicopter accidents often happen because are old. These aircraft with propellers 25, 30 or more years old need to be checked very well, pilots the same. This is the situation and nothing can be done. R I P for all victims.

Nothing wrong with using an older type helicopter if it's maintained properly - in this case the crash has more to do with the fog and the overall bad vision on their surroundings than anything else.
Also some key equipment (TAWS) was not on board because the owners did not think they ever going to need them in California, so there's that.

Wasn't one off my favourites, certainly as a Celtics fan.
After the rape incident liked him even less - But this is still a great loss. Was certainly a wonderful player and a winner.
The absolute tragedy is his doughter and friends that still had all their life before them.

everybody use old helicopters,its nothing strange,but thsi was mistake from pilot in this situation!now 9 people are dead and nobody cant change it!would be nice that people write about other people,who were also there,not just about koby and his daughter!

For the money that exists in their pockets they should have something new or maximum of 5-10 years. However, the world is focused on money and many accidents happen for this reason. We do not progress as civilized persons, because politicians are careful not to let this thing to happen.

I read few hours ago that this type of helicopter wasnt meant to fly
in foggy conditions. I wonder if they knew that and if they took the risk.
Sometimes all is needed is a bad decision to end up in a situation like this.
When i first heard the news didnt expect that so many people were on board...

from all news in last days,I see that everything is on pilot and that he made mistake and now everybody are dead because of fog and his mistake!nobody cant return this people and this is big thing!now whole year till end of NBA season will be in sign og Kobe,especially next all star weekend!

I do not understand why there is speed in walking when you are in the front with fog. Even if you are a very experienced pilot must to cannot ignore certain situations. Now the tragedy has occurred and people need to reflect more on their decisions because they are also responsible for passengers.

So sad for his death . RIP Kobe . His daughter Gianna also died . so young , a really tragic loss . I wish they had never decided to fly that day . Also I read that the helicopter didn't have some devices to help them fly under these foggy weather conditions , very unfortunate , this might have cost them their life . So tragic end . Kobe , such an awesome player , caring father , lovely person . He will be missed .

BankrollMob Forum » News » Poker Players Mourn Loss of NBA Champ Kobe Bryant

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