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888poker Latest Promo - Superstorm MegaWheel Spin

Enjoy the Superstorm MegaWheel Spin until February 21, 2020! First things first, sign up for your very own 888poker account here. [adbutler_888] Mechanics: Deposit $30 or more, using promo code MilBonus Check out the Millions Superstorm Promotion here: Spin the Superstorm MegaWheel Spin Win a 5% to 100% bonus up to $30!   Enjoy the #SuperstormMegaWheel SPIN until 21/2/20! &[...]   Read more » 888poker Latest Promo - Superstorm MegaWheel Spin

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so cant say that this is something that is great,only if you would already make deposit because you dont have money on 888 account,but just to make deposit and not to know what will you get,thats silly!what you have if you get 5 or 10 % of 30 $?some tickets with this deposit offer will be good,but only this isnt enough!

A few months ago the wheel of fortune awards changed and i could only win tickets for the freeroll with 600 x $5 blast prizes. Another prize besides this thing i didn't win. A few days ago the wheel changed and i do not know if it offers the same prizes.

The 888 spinny wheel changes its theme but the prizes remain pretty much standard, with only really the promotional winning ticket description changing and the graphics on the wheel changing too. As for winning, I don’t recall the last time I won anything other than a free ticket. Previously I have won the priced tickets and free sports or casino bets, but times appear hard with my winnings at 888 at the moment but hey, the tickets are free and worth getting involved if you can make the winning group of players.

The Mega Super Woopper Ultra Wheel and all his fantasies´s name are really a bad joke. I don´t undestand what is the sense to try to seems a random game, if it manipulated to give only some type of gift in sometime of lapse. Since two/three years, this game gives to me only two results: "0" gift or a ticket for the cheap tourney at that moment. Really crackpot Angry

I liked the wheel of fortune that was before, where i won other different prizes and i could earn more money, but now it is more difficult to win one ticket and after that another. After you win these two things have a $ 5 Blast where players can earn zero with him or maybe more. I don't like this strategy.

BankrollMob Forum » News » 888poker Latest Promo - Superstorm MegaWheel Spin

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