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2020 MILLIONS South America SHR won by James Romero for $325,000

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Posted on 13 February 2020 by "T".
James Romero has won the partypoker MILLIONS South America $25,500 buy-in Super High Roller event after outlasting a field of 35 players. He won a whopping $325,000 top cash prize along with the title. partypoker MILLIONS South America 2020 Venue: Enjoy Resort & Casino in Punta del Este, Uruguay Event: $25,500 Super High Roller Schedule: February 10 to 11, 2020 Entries: 35 James Ro[...]   Read more » 2020 MILLIONS South America SHR won by James Romero for $325,000

2020 MILLIONS South America SHR won by James Romero for $325,000  0   
You have to be very satisfied when you make a million and 100 k dollars from two games with big buy in. The list of players is not visible here but i think good names from this poker industry have participated. Congratulations to the 5 players which ended in money.

so on $25,500 Super High Roller even in uruguay we got champion who got 325 000 $ for first place!35 entries only,so prizes were great with low number of players,but still big buy in!this is nice title for this player and we will read about him on some next high roller event!

The games are of several types and with different buy-ins. Buy a car for 10,000 euros or buy one for 300,000. The same thing with poker. There are differences everywhere in this world and it is important to be one of those who succeed in life.

It is a high roller event of course, but the prize money for the first prize you cant say it was a good one, if you take in mind the buy in.
Risking too much in my opinion just to chase that first place.
But if you can afford this buy in, then i think you wouldnt care much losing it Smile

when you have such a big buy in,you cant expect big number of players,but on other hand with less players you will spend less time on game and you will take big amount for short time,then to play with buy in of 1000 and to have 300 players or more!so thats why this games are great for high rollers!

I don´t understand to you CALICUL, why you said that this tourney had several types and different buy-in, was this kind of tournament that you have to play different games in the same tourney? And why you wrote about a one million prize? There was something in the news that I didn´t saw? By the way, I couldn´t visit the tournament Sad

I said several types of games because here was a series with different buy-in. Some great with which you could buy a car for 10 k or 300k. This tournament was very big. Something like Sunday million because the total prizes were 840 k. He could very easily reach that amount but the satellites were not made in time...

must say that this hotel look very good,its big and now can understand why people love to come here and to play poker with big amounts!its not just right on beach,but no matter on that players still can enjoy in lot of things!for this kind of buy in as on this tournament you can see whole world,not just to come in uruguay or south america!

BankrollMob Forum » News » 2020 MILLIONS South America SHR won by James Romero for $325,000

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