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Macau Casinos to Reopen Thursday after Coronavirus Shutdown

Macau, the world's biggest gambling hub, shall finally allow casinos to resume operations starting February 20, Thursday, after authorities slapped a two-week suspension due to the coronavirus outbreak. The suspension was to keep the virus in check, according to public broadcaster TDM. Most of the government services that had been suspended since February started will also resume operations thi[...]   Read more » Macau Casinos to Reopen Thursday after Coronavirus Shutdown

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I like that this coronavirus is in decline and that no case has been reported in Macau since February 4. It is sad to see that there in China were over 1000 victims and the number could have been much higher, if this virus was more dangerous. I do not know how many were infested in Macau, but the reopening of casinos is possible and that means the problem has passed.

Casino's most precious is that they re open to gain their wealth in millions dollars in a single day. This problem is all over Asia at this moment, and in first second they pass the inspection they will re open and like nothing happens. Every year new virus, depopulation is at his max.

didnt expect that they will open so soon and that only this number of days will pass!I know that this is big industry and that they lose lot of money every day,but still this isnt something that is for joke!every hotel,every casino,everything in macau is on lose,but what if somebody get again this virus or take it in to macau,then will be big problems!

The casino had significant losses because of this coronavirus but human health is the most important. Many victims could reach to the cemetery and gamblers who visited that casino were fewer because many of them died. Now they are alive and will come to play again.

Good news for the casinos there , although restrictions are still imposed to other businesses , that are important fot the casinos in order to be fully operational , like the hotels . Although , now , besides the restrictions , I don't believe there are many who would lke to visit this place , people are afraid of this new virus and the many deaths it has caused these days .
I hope everything goes back to normal for all people and businesses ASAP , find a cure or a way to restrain decisively this virius , that would be awesome Smile

for me this so fast,that they could think again to open later!nobody fly to china,there is no company who will transfer even packages and everything else,so how they think that people will come there just to play poker and casino games?I know that they will lose lot of money,but still health if on first place!

What i tried to explain in the comment which i was voted with minus is that: if the casinos remained open all the time, there is a possibility that most players get coronavirus and to die. Those two weeks saved their lives and that is a very good thing. That vote is not. I hope this virus is stopped definitive.

last words are important:

The 2-week casino closure in Macau was to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus after it was discovered that there were two casino workers among the 10 cases of the virus, which spreads the disease now called Covid-19.

Among the 10 confirmed cases of the viral infection, five patients have recovered, while the other five are still in the hospital with ‘mild' symptoms

The number of coronavirus deaths is close to 2000 but official. Unofficial is much larger because you don't build a few hospitals only for what they specified. Authorities always lie and is not normal. To wash their hands they do everything and handling is big.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Macau Casinos to Reopen Thursday after Coronavirus Shutdown

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