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888poker LIVE goes to Bucharest on March 23-29

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Posted on 20 February 2020 by "T".
Still fresh from this year's first-ever 888poker LIVE stop in Madrid and Weekend trip to London, 888poker is now headed east to one of the most amazing European cities - Bucharest. 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival 2020 Venue: 5-Star Interncontinental Hotel, Bucharest, Romania Schedule: March 23 to 29, 2020 The 888poker LIVE Bucharest Festival 2020, powered by PokerFest, promises to be a [...]   Read more » 888poker LIVE goes to Bucharest on March 23-29

888poker LIVE goes to Bucharest on March 23-29  0   
Great live festival in Bucharest from 888 poker who will for sure bring lot of players!lot of tournaments with different buy in,so every player can afford some of them,no matter how big bank account you have!good luck to all who will play it!

It is very nice to see 8 ambassadors of the 888 poker room in my city. This room should make more satellites, maybe we will have the opportunity to participate here because it is very good to have this opportunity. Good luck guys, if you try here.

this buy in are not big as we can see on other live tournaments and on this 888 e buy in tournament you can get WSOP 2020 main event package,which will bring for sure lot of players on it!so beside 300000 e prize pool,you can also get this package which can change your life!

Hey, this tournament is near to you fellews, it isn´t? Sure its nearest than to me of course. Perhaps you can go there and see what about it. You could tell here, after it, what it likes. I ever have the fantasy of a magical room with stars where you put your eyes (Although the photos I've seen, with hundreds of tables where everyone plays crammed, disappoints me a little). In my case, I have to wait that a big tourney run in Viedma or Carmen de Patagones! Big Smile

Nothing is impossible, my mobster friend. You could even play satellites for live games in Europe ( for Bucharest i don't know if it exists ) and you to visit a city in a country where you have never been. Try any little satellit and maybe it will happen. Good luck.

BankrollMob Forum » News » 888poker LIVE goes to Bucharest on March 23-29

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