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Introducing traces its roots back to mid-2018. It quickly became the new kid on the exciting casino block, offering its loyal punters a great diversity of games. Powered by the SoftSwiss platform, BUFF's 3,000+ exciting slots and various casino games make the bookie one of the industry's trailblazers. GamesThe casino section of BUFF offers you a mind-blowing collection of 3,000+ games in many ca[...]   Read more » Introducing

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dont know anything about this company,so cant say much only from this news!if somebody have something about them,would be nice to write,that other members can know to register or not at this site!

Customers from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and S.A.R., as well as duplicate accounts, will not qualify for this offer.

Players from USA, UK and Australia are accepted ONLY if they use cryptocurrency.

For moment, the players from Romania must to wait for the acceptance of the National Gambling Office. The license is the best method to play and the only option. The name Buff Bet is well chosen and most of us will try our luck here. We w'll see if it's good or not.

Posted by mirexxx:
Customers from...................... GREECE........................... will not qualify for this offer.

As if this was the first time this happens with casinos , or pokerrooms lol
Blink Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

What's their problem with Greece ?? If we can deposit , there's no problem , isn't it ?? As for the regulations problems or whatever , give me a break , this applies everywhere , in almost every country of the world , the poor weak Greek government will be the one to be afraid of ?? Just for laughs , just pepega ......

Also some rooms exclude Greeks from some promotions although they happily do accept their deposits . And it's not freerolls , it's about promotions that you could take part after you play some BUY-IN ganes with your deposit money , WTF ??? If you don't want them ban them once and for all . If you don't want them in freerolls , just ban them from the freerolls , not all promotions (why , are they so poor that play only freerolls to earn some cents ?? Just watch the lobies of the buy in games , count them , count some others from other RICH countries , just watch the freeroll lobies , count the greeks , count how many people from every other country , just for laughs . ) .

In the past . due to bank restrictins with the financial crisis , we indeed had great problems depositing , but still then many would buy one card (with expensive fees every month and general ) just to deposit , PokerStars was advertising it then , I did this . Others had portofolio in skrill , other similar sites , maybe cryptocurrency or other ways to deposit (which I didn't use)
Now everything is fine , back to normal , WTF is the problem now ?? When we had so many problems depositing , they let Greeks play and participate in their promotions . Now that we have no problems depositing , we are excluded . Completely out of logic , disguisting .....

so they want to work,to have lot of customers,but then you dont give chance for lot of countries to be part of your site!ha,ha!they especially dont like eastern europe!
and this rule that you if you live in usa,uk and australia,you can only play with crypto,is just silly!

It is just a business, and they are doing what it is best for them.
And many countries have rules and regulations about gambling.
It is not free any more having a site with greek customers.
So if they dont want to pay all that money to acquire a license, why bother...

You have to be very careful where choose to deposit money, because in some countries there are some small poker rooms who do money laundering, are thieves and it's not good for you. Try to find something good on official sites like BRM.

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