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Ellen DeGeneres gets Poker Lesson from Vince Van Patten

When you check out Ellen DeGeneres' Wiki page, she is described as an "American comedian, show host, actress, and writer", but after her encounter with this poker personality, she may be able to add ‘poker player' to her resume. Ellen turned 62 a month ago, on Sunday January 26th. As a special birthday gift, her wife Portia de Rossi gave her a private poker lesson with World Poker Tour co[...]   Read more » Ellen DeGeneres gets Poker Lesson from Vince Van Patten

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now everybody want to play poker and no matter in what age!cant say that I like her very much,especially what she talk in life!now see want in late ages to play poker and to learn something!like she cant find any other hobby!but probably this will be only for house play,not for live play at some casino or tournament!

Ellen DeGeneres she is a smart woman and in the future she can become a popular poker player with big succes. Now it depends on the situation and if she will follow this career or not. Some people may be successful in many areas.

Ellen is perfect and unique at everything she does , she's so talented , so smart and successful . She's very beloved my many millions of fans , her shows are the best . I would love to see her become a poker player and play poker games sometimes , maybe we see this in the future ??? .


I like her, but i don't like her life option from a sexual point of view. Anyway, it's her choice and that doesn't mean that i can change his decision. Anyway, i would love to see her when playing poker hold'em. I would like to see what qualities he has here.

dont know what is so amazing about this person,just old women who dont know what to do and now she want to be more popular with this playing poker or something else!about her sexual orientation I will not comment here,its not time for that!

I dont find anything intersting about this story.
Either she knows poker or not or wants to learn...
She has a ton of money, and doesnt know what to do with her free time?
Some people must do everything public.
Never liked this.

I couldn't care less what she does with her sexual preferwences , as long as she or anyone else don't hurt the others or some weak persons with their sexual attitude and behavior . She is a nice person for me . Also if she has chosen to share many aspects of her private life with her fans or the showbusiness , that's sth many in the showbussiness do , and fans want and love it , tabloids love to follow the action and everything they are willing to share with the public . Not sth new ...

BankrollMob Forum » News » Ellen DeGeneres gets Poker Lesson from Vince Van Patten

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