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On Sunday, March 8, they are running three special edition KO tournaments – giving you a chance to prove you’re king of the ring:

Time (ET) Tournament Guarantee
12:30 Bounty Builder HR (Boosted GTD) $1,000,000
13:00 Sunday Million $1,000,000
14:00 Sunday Storm $200,000

Any one participating in ? Good luck!

It is quite difficult to participate there because the buy-ins are very big and satellites are also very wild... Pokerstars for me is just sports betting at this moment, but if they revise their attitude and let me to earn more money with poker, then i will play games to qualify for some good tournaments in future.

Yes those satellite freerolls are " wild " like you say , sometimes I also look and try those but there is usually so many players and much player who play like its some kind of bingo and yes it's some kind of bingo where no need to think too much , it's not only in pokerstars, same kind of playing see always when it's freeroll... good thing is that speed of the playing Smile bad thing is those amazing calls with cards what should fold before flop , but it's poker and everyone make their card what want Smile Smile Smile

The freeroll satellites running on the PokerStars platform for these KO games are very tough , although they don't give only two seats but more , sometimes 5-6 thanks to the rebuys/add-ons . But they are so difficult with the constant shoves and multi pots with many players all in to win in the end . So hard , such a freerol satellite l I won only once Sad But ofcourse there are buyin satellites for these games , I will see whether there's a good offer , many seats and cheap , and I will jump in this game to try to get a seat for these tournaments , especially the Sunday Storm Smile Good Luck everyone Smile

Just today try one , there was about 3700 players and got 40 place so didn't get anything but it was surprise that I stay so long time... I also win only one time seat from those to next step so it's possible if you have good luck with bingo players when start , little bit later it change and look like poker Smile Smile Smile

Yes, like I thought when I saw this thread, this announce is for big guys. Players who can spend hundreds of dollars in buy-ins and include some rebuy. I don´t want to offend anybody, but in my case I only could play in one of them with a gifted ticket. Satellites are a kind of game that is really hard for me. I tried it in others poker´s room, and only in 888poker, ONE TIME, I got a tourney ticket Sad

I will try to deposit here in Pokerstars and i see what will happen because i don't like their strategy with big wager to make some money. I tried several times in the past to do this but always i lose. Something is not right there because you are appreciated for how much you play not for skills.

My man, that is obvious! For a poker´s room, how much you worth is how much you play. They don´t care your skills, or if you are a looser or a winner, they are making money with your playing. It´s only what they care! In PokerStars you may build a career if you like sit&go since 45 to 990 players, with low buy-in. A some of your loved satellites!

This thing means that they do not arbitrate in the aleatory mode, because they say so, but it is not true. With this inconvenient you can go to court with them, but only if you lose something more like 1 k or more and there is evidence. They calculate any game and that means some kind of online dictatorship in poker. I'll deposit $ 50 for certain satellites here in few days.

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